The encroaching gray dwarves were slain by arrows, magic and mundane, and the portcullis lifted; everyone crossed the grease bridge and the party pushed their way into the gray dwarves' lair. WarFire led, Elkin's choking cloud floating before him. Many other dwarves were slain, but the party was ambushed by others, lying in wait in a side room. They had the ability to grow quite large, but they were also felled by fire and magic.

An ominous chanting or singing arose, many voices growing into one. Zofna recognized it; it was the demon he sought. At that, the party withdrew, just as more reinforcements approached from behind, threatening to cut them off. Back over the grease bridge! WarFire invoked the power of Loptir, sending many running, while everyone else took up defensive postures in the halls.

Requesting speed from his god, WarFire bungles the ritual. Loptir is however merciful, granting WarFire some insight into his enemies. These gray dwarves purported to worship Laduguer, their cruel yet Lawful god, but their worship was false. They worshiped some twisted chaotic being, who masquerades as their lord.