The party agrees to travel with Zofna to the Beastlands in three days. Elkin hires a dwarf, Symas, to help carry a young ash tree around with them. Blair equips the Not-A-Goat with a bite-proof collar, as well as with an old book, to confuse people into thinking it is a wizard.

Exploring the Oakwood outside of Hazkorin, the party finds an old maple tree with a small hollow. Zofna places his leather pouch inside, and the trunk of the tree turns into a gateway, showing an evergreen forest on the other side. He enters, followed by the others, finding themselves in a sun-filled hillside fir and cedar forest. As soon as the Not-A-Goat enters, it bolts off at full speed. Blair tries to chase after it, but isn't fast enough.

The party begins tracking the trail, eventually leading to a large cedar tree with a large hollow inside. The goat tracks follow up to the entrance, but then disappear. Zofna recognizes it is as a portal - he cautiously enters, everyone else following. They find themselves in the same forest, but the light has shifted - it is now either dusk or dawn, with the sun low on the horizon, and the moon shining brightly opposite it. Zofna identifies this domain as Brux. The trail continues onward.

Tracking it for several hours, the party hears coyotes howling in the distance. After a while, the part comes across the book and armour that the Not-A-Goat was wearing. It seems it came loose and was bucked off. The trail continued to another clearing, and the party could hear distance goat-braying noises - definitely the sound of more than one goat. The trail eventually led to a clearing, where the Not-A-Goat was found, lying in the grass, seemlingly wounded, braying pathetically. As Blair approached, it stood up, looked him in the eye, and took off again, away from the party.

Following it again, they come to a small grove surrounded by hillocks - there was the Not-A-Goat again! Lying on the ground - this time, surrounded by eight coyotes. A battle ensued, and in the midst of it all, the Not-A-Goat smashes its horns into one of the coyotes, crushing it. The Not-A-Goat transforms, into a hybrid-beast, with the lower body of a lion, upper body of a woman, and the head of a black goat, with four horns. It then devours the heart of the coyote it crushed. It then seemed to revert to its normal, staring self, just with a new body.

Zofna, confused, says he has never seen such a thing before.

The Not-A-Goat retrieved, they follow their trail back to the tree that led here, and transition back to Krigala, and begin to find their way to Signpost. As they leave the forest, they are stopped by a group of wolf-men, led by one named Ardent, who say they are tracking demonic red-frogs. The party offers to help. Zofna cannot wait and must get to Signpost quickly. The wolf-men offer to lead the party back to Signpost once the red-frogs are dealt with.