Hollyphant find the party, leading them to the Goat Lord. He is an envoy from Loptir.

Goat Lord has been gaesed to help Loptir find a holy warrior to wield the Rod of Law. His reward was to mate with the Black Goat. Now that his task is done he is indifferent and wishes for them to leave.

Goat Lord was given the Child of the Black Goat's staff for safekeeping. He gives it to her, and unlocks her mind. The Child of the Black Goat then grants Blair the ability to cast Silence as though she was his Patron (d20+int), max 1 luck die can be spent. Accrues patron taint as normal

He has has been given the first piece of the Rod of Seven Parts (The Rod of Law) to guard. Since he is neutral, Chaos doesn't think to seek it there. Once he sees WarFire, the pure warrior, he is compelled to give it to him.

He has been told to pass on the message:

TODO: Gokhal is evil? What did he do that makes him a dick


Followed wolf-men across the plains into the forest. They said they needed to catch the red frogs before they reached the falls to Arborea, otherwise they'd escape. Told the party to head straight, and follow rivers downstream until they reach the great river. Party decided to explore as they went, and were ambushed by a Red Slaadi, who stated "Haha my plan worked!" and croaked, stunning everyone but Elkin. The frog clawed Symas's shoulder a bit. Elkin's magic missile was absorbed by the gem in its forehead, and the frog jumped on Elkin, trying to eat him. After taking a few hits, the frog summons two more red frogs. In desperation, Elkin casts forest walk, and the mercurial shifts everyone to Brux. They then walk through a tree to the transition area between the temperate and jungle forests. They encounter the Hollyphant, who plays tricks on Gokhal, convinces them to follow them, and tells Blair and WarFire that their fates are intertwined.


Following the wolf-men across the plains, the party was led into a temperate forest. Encountering some other wolf-men, Ardent mentioned that they must part ways here; in order to catch the red frogs, they must hurry, travelling faster than the party can go. Leaving instructions to keep going straight, they said they would meet the party at the great river.

While exploring on their route, the party was ambushed by one of the red frogs. "Haha, my plan worked!" it exclaimed. It then proceeded to croak loudly, stunning everyone but Elkin. As it approached, it clawed Symas's shoulder a bit, drawing blood. Elkin blasted it with a magic missle, but the missle was absorbed by a red gem embedded in the frog's forehead.

The frog then jumps on Elkin, and tries to eat him. After being attacked by the rest of the party, the frog then summons two more red frogs out of thin air! Elkin panics, casts Forest Walk, which causes the entire party to shift from Krigala to Brux, leaving the red frogs behind.

Activating the forest walk, they then enter into a more humid, wilder forest, and begin wandering. Eventually they encounter a small, flying, glowing golden elephant, who seems to delight in playing tricks on Gokhal. He convinces the party to follow him, noting that Blair's and WarFire's fates are intertwined