RANDOM ENCOUNTER: Foo dog - will offer help in exchange for gems. Can help with directions/wayfinding, or knowledge of the place. Servant of Calchoti - god of rain

Hollyphant find the party, leading them to the Goat Lord. He is an envoy from Loptir.

Goat Lord has been gaesed to help Loptir find a holy warrior to wield the Rod of Law. His reward was to mate with the Black Goat. Now that his task is done he is indifferent and wishes for them to leave.

Goat Lord was given the Child of the Black Goat's staff for safekeeping. He gives it to her, and unlocks her mind. The Child of the Black Goat then grants Blair the ability to cast Silence as though she was his Patron (d20+int), max 1 luck die can be spent. Accrues patron taint as normal

He has has been given the first piece of the Rod of Seven Parts (The Rod of Law) to guard. Since he is neutral, Chaos doesn't think to seek it there. Once he sees WarFire, the pure warrior, he is compelled to give it to him.

He has been told to pass on the message:

TODO: Gokhal is evil? What did he do that makes him a dick


Mushroom jungle

Ythoth raiders! Searching for mushroom, harvesting kith

Small party: 20 raiders - 10 on the boat, 10 searching


WarFire: 93 - The fiery distillate was created with the fires of the hell dimensions. The consumer takes on some of this power: from now on their attacks and combat spells deal +1 point of unholy damage (as relates to their alignment).

Ecix: 23 - The sip brings on a bout of fervent chaos! Roll five times on the table, apply three of the results on the imbiber, and divide the remaining two on their friends and compatriots. The division of the results is Judge’s discretion, but the players should provide a description of the shenanigans that ensue1.

15 - As the drink seeps into their brainpan, the consumer gains an innate understanding of mechanics, especially as they pertain to locks. They gain the thief ability Pick locks, as a thief of their level and the ability increases as they gain in experience. If the imbiber already has the skill they gain a permanent +2 bonus. 19 - Looking down at their soiled cocktail napkin, the consumer sees the hidden patterns beyond the veil of words. Coming to after a short coma, they realize that they can Read languages as a thief of their level; the skill increases as they gain in ability. Those already able to Read languages gain a permanent +2 to the skill. 78 - The drink tickles the imbiber’s sense of mischief. They gain the ability to use the wizard spell Cantrip (pg. 130 of the DCC rulebook) as an innate ability, rolling 2d10+LEVEL for their spellcheck. If the spell is lost, the ability is lost for 24 hours6. 86 - A small sliver of a patron’s power was trapped into the drink in the distillation process. Glad to see their arcane might returning to the fold, the patron grants the imbiber the use of one of their patron spells. Roll a random patron and a random spell, he consumer can cast the spell as a wizard of their level and skill, but has to spend the spell’s level in Luck points each time they attempt to cast it. If the drinker already has the rolled spell, add a permanent +5 bonus to its casting. - Hekanhoda - Gokhal 97 - The bottle is full of good fortune. It immediately regenerates all spent Luck points. If the character either has full Luck at the time of consumption or can regenerate Luck naturally, they gain 1d3 points to their maximum Luck value. - Elkin

Gino: 18 - The drinker becomes mildly obsessed with their appearance, and very aware of the contours on other’s faces. They gain the Disguise self ability as a thief of their level, and the ability increases as they gain experience. Those already skilled in the art gain an additional +2 to their skill.

Adinyat: 56 - Fervor and fury course through the drinker’s body, and they become more powerful and skilled in causing pain to others. Their critical die is increased by +1d, and their critical table is increased by one step.

Symas: 36 - The drinker passes out. When they wake up, they notice a creature has picked them as a master. The player should describe the event: after this, roll d20+DRINKER’S LEVEL+10, and generate a familiar as described in the DCC Rulebook (pg. 316).

Elkin: 39 - After a moment of confusion, the drinker notices that they can pick up new olfactory notes floating on the wind. They gain a dwarven sense of smell! If they already have the ability, it doubles in efficiency (both range and accuracy).

Blair: 14 - A reverie full of tall metal mountains fills the drinker’s mind. The dreams place them as a gigantic long-armed ape, climbing ever upwards as strange sirens bellow in the distance. As they come to, they bring back a skill to Climb sheer surfaces as a thief of their level. The skill increases as they gain in experience. Consumers who already have the skill gain an additional +2.

Warfire2: 56 - Fervor and fury course through the drinker’s body, and they become more powerful and skilled in causing pain to others. Their critical die is increased by +1d, and their critical table is increased by one step.

Hollyphant explained about how to reach Elysium and Arborea ("Arboringea!"). Hollyphant says he's from Elyisum. Leads them to Goat Lord, who completes his gaeas by giving the Child of the Goat her staff, gives WarFire the first part of the Rod of Law, as well as the globe to go to the second part. Party ensues, WarFire pulls silver bag from bonfire, container Loptir's Firewater. Ecix casts Colour Spew and spews into Elkin and Gokhal, who passes out. Symas gets a giant cricket as a guardian familiar. After the party, the goats are gone. Blair has Child of the Black Goat as a patron, can cast Silence now. The hollyphant returns with a tusk for Elkin, as a gift from the Verdant Guild. Made their way to Signpost, caught up with Ardent, who explained that they killed the three Slaadi, but the others escaped to Arborea, they couldn't follow since they're weaker there. Making it to Signpost, Ardent and his buddies leave. They are met by Zofna and Sarazh, who is the mayor and member of the Verdant Guild. As thanks, she lets them stay in an inn for free for however long they want. She also stares them intently in the eye and asks them if they are members of the Vile Hunt


The flying golden elephant leads the party back into Krigala, and leads them away from the river, out into the moors. En route, the party learns a lot from it. It originates from a place called Elysium ("a nice place"), which can often be reached by passing through the hollows of a sequoia tree, or by travelling upstream on the great river. Alternatively it can also be reached by climbing the great tree, which can sometimes be found in mountains ringing Krigala. It's also possible to reach Arborea (called "Ar-boring-a" by the elephant, due to the abundance of elves there) via the same routes, or through the hollows of oak trees.

The party is eventually led to the Goat Lord, surrounded by a large pack of goats. Appearing human with goat-ish features, the goat lord seems indifferent, but hands the Not-A-Goat a large wooden staff. When the two of them touch, the Goat Lord changes, as though possessed by some kind of inner fire. He then proceeds to hand WarFire a bundle, proclaiming in a strange voice: "Here is the first piece of the Rod of Law. If you concentrate on it, it will guide you to the next piece, if it is in that world. There is also an orb; Smash it and it will take you to the world where the next piece resides. My task here is done."

Communicating telepatically with Blair, the Not-A-Goat states that the Goat Lord is her father, and that she was tasked with bringing him a holy warrior of Law, to whom he would pass on the Rod of Law. Blair can now call upon her for help when silence is needed.

Returning to normal, and seeming now bored and indifferent, the Goat Lord has his goats gather wood for a bonfire. After the fire is started, WarFire dances around it, noticing a silvery bag inside. Reaching in, it contains eight bottles of Loptir's Firewater. A while party ensues, with Ecix getting particularly rowdy, proceeding to cast Colour Spray at Gokhal and Elkin, but something goes wrong, and Ecix vomits into the spell. Elkin was lucky, while Gokhal seems to have some connection with a disgusting being named Hekanhoda. Symas also seems to gain a giant cricket friend.

After the party wakes up, the goats are all gone, including the Not-A-Goat. The flying elephant re-appears, bearing a tusk for Elkin, a gift from the Verdant Guild. Then, leaving for Signpost, Ardent and the other wolf-men catch up with them. They realised they had been tricked by one of the red frogs, so some split off to search for the party. The others kept going after the rest of them, but they managed to flee down the river to Arborea, where the wolf-men would not follow them. They still don't know what the frogs wanted.

Reaching sign post, Ardent leaves, while the party meets Zofna and Sarazh, who is the mayor and also a member of the Verdant Guild. As thanks for helping Zofna, she permits the party to stay at the inn for free, for as long as they want.