Enter the tree, found themselves suspended in weird red liquid. Wicked looking gnome saw them. Axe Slashur and Cleric Ködel appear. Tank overflows and melts, gnome runs away

They explore, determining their place to be a summoning circle, dealing with teleportation and time manipulation magic

They find Raminus, washing some bloody rags. He explains that they are in the Great Oak in the middle of The Forest. He moved here a while back after being driven out of his home. He likes luxury, and trades for goods, but there are not many traders

He invites them for tea, but WarFire gets suspicious and goes into his room, at which point he attacks and is charmed. WarFire binds one of his floating skulls


Wandering the woods outside Hazkorin, Axe Slashur and Cleric Ködel stumble across a great oak, with a strange door inside its hollow. Opening it, they see an earthen tunnel, filled with roots. The enter, and their world spins and goes blank...

Elsewhere, our intrepid party has discovered a huge sequoia with a large hollow, clearly a portal. Stepping through, expecting to enter Elysium, they find themselves immersed in a viscous, red liquid, unable to move. Axe Slashur and Cleric Ködel are there with them. Time seems to pass in a haze, but they note one thing: there is a strange gnome-like creature there, watching him. "It worked!" he exclaimed at first, giddy with glee. But as more of the party entered, his face filled with fear. When it was clear that the containment liquid failed, he ran off into the darkness.

Gathering their wits, the party explored their surroundings: A strange room, etched with arcane symbols depicting teleportation and time control magic. Multiple exits led off, one carrying the sound of rushing water.

Following the path of the gnome-like creature, they find a strange statue of a hunter flanked by two dogs, as well as spider webs and old statues. Following a trail of fresh blood, they encounter Raminus, a strange faun-like person, immaculately dressed. He seemed to be washing some blankets in the river. Startled at first, he invites the party to tea in his home. He explains along the way that he came here after being forced out of his home, and he enjoys the comforts here, though not as many traders come by as he would like. He points out a trap along the way, requesting the party leave it, as it helps protect his home.

At the entrance to his home was a strange wall of faces made of tree roots. After putting money in their mouths, they seemed to spout some questionable wisdom:

At this last comment, Raminus seemed uneasy, and ushered the party into his home. After serving tea, WarFire explored the home, much to Raminus's dismay, who then attacked WarFire with four floating magical sheep-skulls. The tea was indeed poisoned, and Ecix falls asleep. A fight breaks out, with WarFire binding one of the skulls to his will. Raminus's faun-women friends are slain, and Raminus himself is charmed.