While getting ready to sleep in Raminus's lair, Gino sits in an upholstered chair and is attacked! The chairs come alive and start clawing him. The chairs were 'killed' and Raminus became sad - they were his friends Claire and Sofie. However they seemed to come back as stools. Raminus extolled the virtues of asking furniture for consent, but also stated that food (humans, gnomes) can't give consent so you can eat them. While Ahriman was giving Shorny's body death rites, a weird purple vortex appeared along the wall. It seemed to lead into another room, musty, with a table and some jars. The vortex disappeared after a short time.

Elkin asked Raminus about magical creatures. He stated that he saw a weird demon. The party went to investigate, and woke the "demon" up, a mutated grostesque giant-man-thing. He opened the door and smelled gnome, and offered to buy any gnomes from the party. Elkin then annihilated him with a maxed out magic missile.

Exploring the creature's den, the party finds four cages, each containing a weird mutated small person. They seem to be able to talk in a simple manner, and Ködel befriends them and lets them out. Buried in some cloaks amongst some dried humanoid organs, the party finds a pile of gold coins, each clearly stamped with the signet of one Labelas Enoreth. Elkin knows the word Labelas as "ruler" or a word denoting royalty.

The party also finds a runed, etched skull. Those of Lawful or Chaotic alignment are zapped when touching it, but Gino is able to pick it up. It introduces itself as Huugal-Barath, and he desires to be re-united with his body, which is in the crypts of "The Lizard Temple" in the city of Thassos, somewhere to "The North".

Exploring another room with weird sounds, the party found a ghost-lizard man fighting a ghost-human warrior. The lizard-man was backstabbed and vanished. The warrior looked at the party, proclaimed "They stole the sword... Save Jorg... Across the river", before vanishing.

The room also contained two standing, inanimate black skeletons, each holding a sword resting on the ground. Attempts to charm or bind them had no effect, and interacting with them did nothing. They were flanking a "door" with no obvious opening mechanism - a flat iron sheet with no handles or grips. No hidden way of ingress nor lock could be found.

Skull: Thassos