"Infidels! Seize them!" echoed a demonic voice throughout the gnomish chambers. The eyes of the gnomes shifted to a swirling red, and they reached for their weapons. Spellduels ensured, but both Gino and Ecix ended up charmed by the queen and the stump. Symas was clobbered by several, but would eventually live. Elkin summoned the war host of Elfland, who flooded the chambers, eventually slaughtering most of the gnomes. One managed to flee, two others were put to sleep and survived. After the queen was slain, Gino was freed and threw his last detonation rod at the stump, blowing it apart and filling the chambers with smoke and dust. As a reward for her troubles, Ecix takes the magical black chainmail belonging to the King - it's quite flexible and doesn't interfere with spellcasting as much. They also find notes and books in Gnomish and a couple gems.