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Rummaging through the gnomes' books and papers, the party finds a spellbook, some crude drawings, rituals detailing the use of mud and summoning demons, and a simple map to the "home of the evil ones". Continuing to explore, they find a strange room filled with white sand - nothing else seems to be in here. An army of frogs hops by, and the party follows them to the river. Exploring another room, they find a strange lizard-like person who can camouflage into the wall. It worships three giant faces in the middle of the room. He showed the party how to worship the face, in exchange for showing him the gnomish corpses as a source of food. Eventually opening the face and finding a chamber therein, they find a huge fish hanging from the ceiling, as well as a large chest covered in green goo. Touching the goo, it expands rapidly into poisonous gas, while two more of the camouflaged creatures approach from behind. As they are spotted, they start to freak out about the party stealing their fish. WarFire turned unholy and the creatures fled, and the chest was looted: Lots of coins!

Exploring further, they find a small alcove with glass jars, each with one-inch tall dead people. Another bottle contains a hidden parchment with the spell "diminution", and a small, incoherent story about a village of tiny people inside a wall. Another alcove is found, with a pit blocking access to a pile of coins and a golden chalice. Elkin couldn't smell any gold however, and shooting the chalice ended with a distinctly "woody" thud noise. Ignoring this, the party continued, finding strange naked corpses wrapped in seaweed. Bypassing them, they came to the shore of the underground river where a boat was moored. Two corpses lay on the sand; someone in rusty, broken plate mail who was missing his legs, and seemingly the gnome who summoned the party here in the first place. Both came alive and with their cold hands tried to grasp at the party. Suddenly from behind the naked seaweed corpses attacked, grasping with paralyzing claws. Gino requested help from Azi Dahaka, who sent a spectral hydra, chasing down and destroying the corpses.