silver items: 25x price fancy cloak: 100gp gnomish fancy cloak: 60gp herblist shop, no magic shop bow from ghoul grave in black jungle: old, in rough shape


Exiting the hole in the tree, the party found that it was a very large oak tree, several meters in diameter, lying in the middle of a thick forest. Tracks led away in multiple directions, most to the north, while some small-footed creatures went off to the south.

Casting Forest Walk, Elkin gated the party through an ash tree to some nearby settlement. They appeared on the edge of a wood, overlooking a village that lay below a castle atop a cliff. Beyond the village lay expansive grasslands, behind it stretched the forest.

Leaving Simas with the hanks at the edge of the forest, the party ventured forth, encountering several town guards as they approached. This is the realm of one Sir Effington, they learned, who seemingly has forbidden the consumption of any alcohol. They learned that on the far side of the forest is the tower of Sir Eolan, and also that any weapons are forbidden to be drawn in the village, and must be bound with peace-knots.

Upon entry to the village, the Deputy Guard took an interest in the party's tales of the great oak, and the slaying of demons within. He ordered the party to find quarter at the Golden Claw, and said they should expect Sir Effington to call upon him. They found quarter at the Golden Claw, a fancy establishment, frequented by wealther patrons. However, the bar only served milk.

In the meantime, the party did some shopping and schmoozing, and also donated to the local shrine of Justicia. They also learned that Sir Effington has a Court Wizard, who rarely ventures into the village, instead sending out servants on errands.

After being summoned to the castle for dinner, the party was met by the Chamberlain, a gaudy, flamboyant character who spoke in a strange manner. He arranged for the evening feast: dining alone in a side hall, with extremely bland food, served with milk. Talking to Sir Effington in his throne room, he was eager to learn the tales about the demons slain in the Oak tree, and wishes to be shown how to reach the Oak tree itself, promising to cut it down.

He also asked if the party would pledge fealty to him, to take him as their lord, and to join him in his crusade against demonkind. After declining, he acknowledged that perhaps the Fates deemed them better as a roving party of demon slayers, rather than as enlisted soldiers.

They also learned that Sir Eolan is an old knight, no longer possessing the energy to crusade against demons, and an old friend of Sir Effington's, but he has curiously gathered a small army of halflings.

Asking about the Court Wizard, the chamberlain said he would send word to Gwenda, but that she is very busy and the party should not expect a response.