Entering the wierd pool, the scenery shifts, transforming into some weird mushroom jungle under a reddish sky, the androgynous creatures shifting into strange mirror-skinned beings, floating off the ground. They attacked FireBeard and Axe. FireBeard stabbed on in the back and it seemingly shattered, it's shards fading away. The other revealed a youthful face to Axe, stunning him, stealing away part of his soul (and 3 points of Int), before it too shattered. The party then began exploring the effects of the nearby mushrooms, with FireBeard tasting one that put him to sleep for a while. Upon awake, he had lived many lives in distant worlds; one as a king of a people who lived in a hot valley amongst cold mountains; another as some kind of slave on a gallery that sailed through an infinite black ocean. Another sampling of mushrooms ended with the party poisoning themselves. As they explored the hollow of one tree by cutting it open, the noise generated seems to have attracted some attention, and they find themselves being surrounded by a band of humanoids.