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The party was partially surrounded by the approaching humanoids, when WarFire issued a challenge. Four champions stepped forward, two going for WarFire, two for Gokhal. Gokhal was flattened by his opponents, while WarFire crushed his. Axe then stepped in, but suddenly the sound of nearby thunder either stunned or scarred off the humanoids, who all ran in the opposite direction.

Exploring the sound of the thunder, the party found a floating black ship, ropes dangling from it, and scrawny, pale, strangely dressed men manning it, dragging bodies of the humanoids up to their ship. After approaching in a friendly manner, the party is invited up onto the ship, where they see that the humanoids are being throw into the cargo hold, whether alive or dead. The party also learns that this group is hunting for the Ythoth mushrooms, the ones that made WarFire dream of other lives.

Once they learned that the party had found some, they convinced them to show them where, and the ship teleported the few hundred meters, generating the thundering sound. A couple of these strange people descend to explore the moon-pool and check out the surroundings to find these mushrooms. At one point however, WarFire challenges the ship's captains authority, which sends him into a mad panic. With an issue to the navigator, the boat suddenly flips upside down, dumping the party to the ground, except Gokhal who manages to hold on. The ship flips again, issuing another bolt of thunder, stunning both Axe and WarFire.

"Get the Elf!" the captain shouts, and the sailors hurl harpoons into Axe, both of which strike true. Gokhal, blades at his neck, surrenders and is tied up. WarFire heals Axe and dispatches the two sailors on the ground. Suddenly there is another thunderous boom - another ship appears! Colliding into the first, sending splinters everywhere. It's Mick, Irio, Miss Ecky and Alizeh! Mick immediately summons some air elementals to aid, while Gokhal rolls from the broken ship onto the new ship, just as the broken ship warps away.