started to reveal stats killed two winter wolves, four escaped got tricked by the source of the music, found abandoned bedroom


You woke up on the edge of a mountain, stunned, your memory fuzzy. Below you lies an evergreen valley, above you the mountain ascends, sharp cliffs on both sides. Winter wind blows snow around, and neighbouring mountain peeks are blanketed in snow. You have a vague memory of what preceeded: A village in the winter, celebrating the return of the sun. A great festival in a large hall, a wheel surrounded by twelve lit candles, each of you also holding a candle etched with a strange rune. As the wheel begins to spin, suddenly the great door is flung open, sending icy winds through the hall. The candles begin to blow out, but the wheel also spins faster, creating a whirl of fire that enveloped you.

Later you dreamt of a strange old woman with a kind smile, surrounded by a swirling storm, carrying a candle. A clock then struck twelve times, and the woman's face grew concerned, and suddenly a shadow figure of an enormous giant appeared behind her, at which point you woke up.

After taking in your surroundings, you saw a group of small people dragging bags into the cliffside, when suddenly you were set upon by three-eyed winter wolves. After killing two of them, the rest fled. You then forced your way behind a boulder and began exploring some underground structure, following the sounds of merry music, eventually ending up in an empty abandoned room where you spent the night. At uneven intervals the clock struck again - 11 notes, then followed by 10 notes.