== write up

After escaping the giant, the party found a large runestone. It had a central large rune, with writing inscribed around it. Eat was able to infer that the big rune meant "curse" or "malediction", but nothing more. Following the path up the mountain, they came to the end of a cliff. Over a large gap, they could see that the path continues on an opposite cliff, with no clear way to get over there. Dro casts Levitate and achieves the maximum result - the the party now levitates for the next 30 days. They pass over the gap, finding a narrow bridge leading to a door.

The door is inscribed with several runes, and Eusceo touches one, suddenly going beserk. Dro levitates him into the air, and Krech enlists the aid of Ahriman to cleans him of his rage. Backtracking, the party finds another runestone but is unable to identify it. They explore more tunnels, and find some bodies buried under snow, an underground lake, and then come across another giant. Attacking it from behind, they do a bit of damage before Fristu renders the attackers unconscious with a Colour Spray, which the giant ignores. Dro them blasts it into oblivion with a magic missile.

The party sleeps in the air above the lake. During the night a giant comes in, but doesn't notice them hidden in the ceiling. Later, a fox comes in and gets eaten by a giant weird snake-amphibian in the water. The party is also visited again in their dreams by the grandmother, who now looks significantly younger. She shows them a vision of runes being traced on a stone face. After waking, the party regains more of their memories.