Found another runestone, but wasn't able to identify it

detonated guano cave

snuck past the giants, but alerted them due to darkness

explored the crystal cavern, finding tools

found the viewing platform, rotated the podium

floated into the center sphere, Eusceo was attacked by wolf, mauled

Fristu did full point colour spray, knocked out all giants and then killed them


The party searched and found another runestone, but was only able to ascertain a vague meaning of "rebuff". Exploring another cave, they found it full of guano and man-bats. Setting them on fire caused the guano to ignite - after a few rounds it detonated. Exploring further by hugging the ceiling while levitating, the party snuck past some of the giants, who became alerted due to a darkness spell. The party then found a "cold" sauna full of thick fog, a huge river of ice with dark figures in it, and eventually a huge quartz crystal cavern. They follow a giant who has run off, who alerts two others who are hauling large equipment - cog wheels, tools, etc.

He then disappears into the largest crystal, and the party follows, entering a maze of 12 doors and twisting passageways. The first room leads to a platform with an empty box, the second to a room with warm tools, and the third to a viewing platform at the top of the cavern, where there is a giant spinning mechanism underneath a crystal lens. On the platform is a podium reading a long number in an arcane language. Asking Aristemis for some insight, Euscio ascertains that the mechanism is a clock, and the podium is a display for the time. After rotating the podium, the time updated: 013999999999.

Floating around to the other side of the mechanism, the party found three giants working on the clockwork internals. They seemed to be reconfiguring it somehow - removing some gears, putting new ones of different sizes in its place. Behind them was a door to an inner chamber. The party floated down, opened the door, and saw the inside: A great chamber with a huge sphere of blue light, inside the young body of a sleeping woman - the grandmother. Two giants stood guard beside an older giant with a white beard, wielding a strange coiled staff that seemed to be siphoning energy from the sphere into the clock. At his feet was an 8-legged wolf, who raised his head and barked.

A battle ensued, and Eusceo was maimed by the wolf before Dro could levitate him into the air, at which point the giants threw their axes at the party, who were able to grab them and hold onto them. Fristu then expended all his energy doing a colour spray, which knocked out all the giants, who then had their throats slit by the party. At this point the blue sphere became unstable, and bands of coloured stone started to whirl around it. Dro picked up the staff and started channeling the energy into the clock again.

Beside the staff was a sundered wheel, resembling the ceremonial wheel from the village ritual, seemlingly removed from a mechanism in the floor. The party tried to fit it back in, but with the wheel fractured in the middle, it would need to be repaired somehow, or replaced.