Saviours of Time


Longship has lockbox with: 81gp, 88sp, 170cp



Ute: +2 with battleaxes Eat: +5' movement Euscio: +2 Str, +2 Luck Fristu: +1 Int Ködel: +2 Agi, +2 Int Dro: +2 Monster Summoning

Miss Ecky: Eyes went into the crystal ball WarFire: Fell into the Green Flow: Rubbery tentacle leg and two mouths



Exploring their new vessel, the party finds a ship that comfortably fits 15-30 people, filled with some equipment (ropes, etc), food (dried mystery meat), and some weapons (curved longswords, daggers, harpoons). There are multiple rooms, and one that seems to have been the captain's room, in which there was a box containing some coins, and another box containing five black tomato-like fruits.

Experimenting with piloting the ship, Mick touches the orb and learns that he can warp the ship by remote viewing. Miss Ecky uses her crystal ball to try and find the largest creature nearby, and is shown a bird's eye few, revealing a wasteland surrounding a high plateau, centered on a large hole. Something goes wrong with the crystal ball though, and Miss Ecky's eyes are sucked into it. Mick takes the ship above the hole, where WarFire prays for Loptir to send a meteor into the whole. It arrives after nine days, and the ship warps down into the hole.

In the pit, the party sees the ruins of a vast city, stone houses and buildings flattened, dirt and debris everywhere, as well as glittering green dust. There appear to be no organic materials, though they do find strange shards of shattered clearish crystals.

The cavern is huge, and many side tunnels branch out. Exploring one of them, the party finds a huge green viscous mass, extending down the tunnel. As they approach, it forms various shapes, eventually forming an arch under which the party walks. Toying with it a bit, WarFire jumps on it, sinking into it, whereby he emerges changed: His left leg has become a rubbery, useless tentacle, while his mouth has fused shut, replaced by two mouths on his cheeks. The rubbery leg tries to drag him back into the green stuff, while he discovers that his dual mouths improve his spellcasting ability.