possible encounters:




Outside the pyramid where the psycho moth resided, the party notices some figures on top of the edge of the canyon. Later, a small party of kith appear in the ravine. They approach and the party learns that this group is lead by some "queen", whom the party wants to meet. The speaker permitted them to come now without weapons, but the party declined. The group disappeared, coming back two days later, saying that they can follow. The party said they will follow in the boat. The speaker returned to their queen again.

In the meantime, spears started falling from above. Alizeh and WarFire flew up to investigate, and found a party of different kith on the other side of the ravine, trying to throw spears at the first group. Alizeh summoned an invisible companion, tossing several into the ravine, and WarFire finished the rest off with this Thrice-Blasting ring, and the survivors fled.

The next day the speaker returned. He and four others from the scouting party boarded the kith, and the party warped the ship near about 1km away from the camp.