brought into the camp (500 kith) - some crude smithies set up, strekleon riders based outside, camp surrounded by crude pallisade

met the queen, war-fire accidentally started a duel over a cup of mushroom kalpis, killed a normal kith + champion kith. Gokhal tried to take the ears but the queen got upset by this, tried to get them to duel

Showed them to their tents, talked about them being confused and recently awoken, hopes their memories come back soon. Fed them, asked each "Who was your greatest kill?" only really impressed by Irio's answer. Thought Eusceo was a potential mate but with his answer of "only four kith", she's uninterested. Will try to take Irio as a mate

Irio found Skrizzit, an older kith wound inker, who told the story of how he ambushed 12, no 14, reagan'tor kith by himself. Carved the mushroom tree with an eye (and arms holding spears/clubs) into irio's arm, while Irio drank absynth from Shadowbrook manor - Imirien appeared, thankful for finally getting out of the bottle, but got bored quickly. Imirien lives in the bottle, may refresh it from time to time (in particular in fairy-friendly areas) - "green fairy" - 10% cumulative chance of seeing imirien per shot. When Imirien appears, drinker can see invisible/true sight for as long as they are drunk

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