Wait since last session: none

Start: 36.06.08 - morning End: 36.06.08 - evening


Encountered Batzuh, who they paid 3 gp, 15 sp for information - directions to the market (avoiding the orcs), and then showing the entrance to The Quiet Halls. Also for information about the market - gnolls, red acolytes

Party comically attacked a group of eight fire beetles. Both Simmons and Wlad were rendered to 0. Found no treasure

Extracted 8 fire beetles' glowing orbs:

Wlad: 1 day Digga: 6 days Future Priest: 2 days JOFF: 3 days Simmons: 4 days Fern: 4 days Brother Bob: 5 days Dr Goodstab: 5 days