Four days since Wlad dind't comeout

Wait since last session: none

Start: 36.06.19 End: 36.06.19


Consulted a local wizard/sage. Got info about how to remove curses:

Went to try to find the bones of the skeleton that cursed Wlad. Attacked some zombies, misfired spells killed many. Blair bit and infected but cured. Brother Bob disapproval caused right arm to become a tentacle (later his left leg too). Fought other zombies in the crypt area. Piled their corpses on the fire beetle corpse and lit them on fire.

Irio did a max casting of Mending to heal Gwen. Johann burned everything for a weak magic missile.

Took all six skeleton bones from where Wlad was cursed. Brought them back to Hazkorin, buried them behind a pub all together, had a little celebration in the pub itself. Michael hired poets to write poems, bought the pub a round.