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Description: Ahriman, Lord of Death, Master and Prisoner of the Eternal Throne of Skulls, Denizen of the Void is a universal, ancient death god. In the far-flung past, when the Fates were just spinning the thread for the Skein of Destiny, he was a powerful demon lord, ruling over a desert kingdom of debased and mutated chaos worshipers. During the Wars of Balance he was tricked, his unchecked lust for power causing him to accept the Skull Throne and the domain of death of his own free will, binding him in the Void for eternity. For this cycle of creation needs death, and death follows its own inescapable logic: as Lord of Death, Ahriman must follow these rules, his power and chaotic hunger forever chained to the service of Balance.

Ahriman is a dark, demonic presence, depicted in art and statuary as a drake-winged and horned grand- demon. His domain is the Void: a dimension of pitch black darkness and osseous landscapes. At the center of the spiraling Void, stands his Skull Throne, the symbol of his power and imprisonment. The Void eats all the souls not bound to other afterworlds, as well as many of the ones set for other destinies. Death is eternal, the Void is hungry, and the Lord is spiteful.

Ahriman’s cult is present in many cities, dealing with the unwanted dead. Temples can also be found in the countryside, usually in areas otherwise barren or useless for farming and industry. His worship is often seen as a necessary evil, an unavoidable reality of the cycle of creation. His clerics and priests are solemn, dark figures, shunned by most sensible men.

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