B2: Keep on the Borderlands

Guillaume/Karl/Kyle Run ---


1st Mirtul - Depart for the Keep

3rd Mirtul - Arrival at Keep, spend night at the inn

4th Mirtul - Camp in the forest northeast of the keep

5th Mirtul - Encounter skeletons/monster at the mound, sleep at the edge of the forest south of the mound

East Van Run ---

  • Temple is of Lathander

    Initial notes: ---

    In Faerun:


    http://forum.candlekeep.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=2760 "As for where it would be set in the Realms, it would have to be a place where there is a 'confluence' of differing humanoids (with an evil cleric cult thrown in jst for fun ...).

    The only place that immediately springs to mind is the Stonelands, north of Cormyr (the evil bad guys being manipulated by Zhentarim clergy of Bane)."

    Cult of Chaos: Worshippers of Cyric, Malar or Talos.

    "Given the dominance of low-level undead used by the Hidden Temple (especially in the original version of Keep) I'd use Velsharoon, the Demipower of Necromancy as one of the temple's patrons. Perhaps the temple was originally dedicated to Myrkul and now that Velsharoon has taken over the portfolio of necromancy, his priests have re-opened the temple and re-activated the coalition of nonhuman tribes. However, I like the possibility of a joint temple with Shar - that would be a frightening and wicked combination."





    Restocking the caves: http://thealexandrian.net/wordpress/1686/roleplaying-games/keep-on-the-borderlands-factions-in-the-dungeon

    Reimagined map: http://www.theweem.com/2012/02/caves-of-chaos-reimagined-by-weem/


    *Guardsmen at the gate: 2 Random guardsmen: 2 *Corporal of the Watch (entry yard; stables) - grouchy; admires outspoken, brave warriors; taken in by pretty women Corporal's Scribe Lackeys (take mounts; take traveller's to the inn) Bailiff/Superintendent Jewel Merchant & Wife, 2 Guards *Priest & 2 Acolytes Smithy & 2 Assistants Provisioner, wife & 2 children Trader & 2 sons Captain of the Watch Innkeeper *Barkeeper, son and pot boy Corporal of the Guard x2 Sergeant of the Guard : very strong, hard fighter, loves to drink and brawl Captain of the Guard : very friendly, excellent leader (periodically moves about in the outer bailey disguised as a mercenary) *Mercenary men-at-arms *Wanderer Guild Master & 2 Clerks, 2 servants *Curate (5th level cleric) & 3 Acolytes *Castellan : clever but can be too hasty, very brave and honest *Castellan's scribe (cleric) Castellan's advisor (elf) Inner gate guardsmen: 6 couriers x2