Gate town: Faunel


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Random Encounters

there's also random encounters in Something Wild p64



2 - Baku 3 - Animal Lord 4 - Mortai 5 - Per 6 - Balaena 7 - Sunfly 8 - Hollyphant 9 - Leomarh 10 - Mammal (MM) 11 - Mammal (MM) 12 - Animal, Giant (MM) 13 - Animal, Giant (MM) 14 - Aasimon, Agathinion 15 - Quill 16 - Guardinal 17 - Lammasu (MM) 18 - Eladrin 19 - Foo Dog 20 - Foo Lion

Random Mammal

Roll 1: 16

8 Guardinals, Lupinal

Roll 2: 10

Aasimon, Agathinion: Servant of Ulesh, travelling from Mount Celestia to Signpost to deliver a message to Sarazh. Disapproves of Korleona's ways, but also of the Vile Hunt

Roll 2: 10

Mercurial Magic

  1. Fear: Will save DC 12+spell level or do nothing but flee for 1d4 rounds; emit fear pheromones, likely attracting predators
  2. Hunter: Must hunt and kill prey in order to cast this spell one time. The kill must not be older than one day. Cannot kill multiple prey in order to squirrel multiple castings.
  3. Unstable: Caster and allies shift to another layer, whether they want to or not: 1d3: 1) krigala; 2) brux; 3): karasuthra - if on same layer, no effect
  4. Squeal loudly, like a startled prey
  5. Urge to chase: Will save DC12+spell level to resist the urge to chase anything that runs away, friend or foe
  6. Diminished: spell diminished (-1d) on specific layer: 1d3: 1) Krigala; 2) Brux; 3) Karasuthra
  7. Mortai infusion: caster turns into a gaseous cloud for 1d4, can get blown away by wind
  8. Musk: Gives off a raw, pungent, musky odor, may attract or repel certain creatures
  9. Howl: Must emit a loud bestial roar in order to cast the spell
  10. Emits a cloud of fog, obscuring the area within 100'. Sight reduced to 5'. Lasts 1d4 turns or until strong winds blow the fog away.
  11. Shapeshift: Fully turns into kindred animal for 1d4 rounds
  12. Skin of Yggdrasil: skin turns woody for 1d4 rounds; gain +4 AC (fumble die d8) but lose -10'
  13. Woody wrath: A branch of yggdrasil smacks nearest enemy in 10' for 1d6 damage
  14. Enhanced: spell enhanced (+1d) on specific layer: 1d3: 1) Krigala; 2) Brux; 3) Karasuthra
  15. Chameleon: Caster grows camoflague patterns for 1d6 rounds, particular to their current environment. They can hide, and do so at +1d
  16. Eagle sight: For 1d4+CL rounds, can spot and focus on rabbit-sized objects up to two miles away
  17. Can fly 30' for 1d6 rounds
  18. Shifter: Caster and allies may shift to another layer, if desired
  19. Roll again twice, but with 4d20