Played by: Michael Thief, follower of Not-a-goat

Back To Hazkorin

Blair is approached by Sir Effington with an offer. After meeting Blair, Sir Effington's Priest had a vision, and asked his god about the fate of Sir Effington's grandfather who disappeared decades ago. The priest, named Flisar the Fist, claims that Sir Effington's grandfather was kidnapped by a cult who worship an enimgatic goddess known as the Lady of Whips. In his vision, he saw the grandfather dragged to their temple deep inside Stonehell.

Sir Effington has requested that Blair go and assassinate the high priestess of the Lady of Whips.

In exchange, Sir Effington offers citizenship in his realm (which includes an estate and a low court title), as well as employment as his Court Assassin.

If Blair accepts, Flisar the Fist can teleport him (+ Goose) back to Hazkorin)