Blue Kith

Tribe: Tucked in an isolated valley where mushroom forests grow. Huts of mushroom wood and caves.

Zhirh, Female Navigator ("Navigator"): • Motivation: Return to the ship with her tribe, help ship find sustenance, help NaviKith gain more genes

Kna, Son of Etuqi'xo): • Old, senile • Motivation: be with Zhirh, lead people to salvation

Navi-Kith • Inbred, wiry hair, slimmer, blue skin in sunlight, black with stars in shadows • Two useful eyes, stub like belly button where third eye should be • Worship the FemNav, stars, sky

Ym (warrior) • Wants power • Wishes to despose of Kna, rule the tribe, be with Zhirh • Has a handful of loyal warriors

Tribe treasure: • Raygun, 2 charges (ignores AC, range 100', disintegration or DC 10 (15 w/ chain,plate) Fort for 1d10 dam) • 4 greenstone shards • Beverage heater (11 charges) - A mug made of silvery metal, with the familiar 8 runes around its circumference.