Broken Lands

Broken Lands (NE of Hazkorin)

Created föstudagur 04 september 2020

Encounter Chance:

Density Roll % per watch (3 watches/day) % per day
Light 1 on 1d8 13% 57%
Medium 1 on 1d6 16% 66%
Dense 2 on 1d8 25% 82%

Border Encounters: 25% Encounter Type (1d4): 1: Location; 2+: Other Encounter surprise: Whenever there is a need to check for surprise, the Labyrinth Lord rolls 1d6 for the monsters and/or the characters as a group. A roll of 1 or 2 on 1d6 means the side is surprised and cannot act for one round. Distance: 4d6 x 10 to determine how many meters (avg 140m) away the characters are from the monster

Monster Reaction Table Roll Result (2d6) 2 Friendly, helpful 3-5 Indifferent, uninterested 6-8 Neutral, uncertain 9-11 Unfriendly, may attack 12 Hostile, attacks

2 Prime Xvart - with followers 3 Man Scorpion 4 Giant Antlion 5 Sandworm Skeleton 6 Giant Tarantula 7 Tomb 8 Glowing bacteria 9 Wolves/coyotes or Vultures 10 Cave 11 Cave 12 Mountain Goats 13 Xvarts 14 Sand tribble 15 Cholla Cactus Creature 16 Outlaw 17 Sand stringray 18 Dust Mephits 19 Sandworm (tracks: 19. Circular Holes: Huge holes created by a giant burrowing creature.) 20 Dragon

Common: Wolves Mountain Goats Xvarts Cave Vultures

Uncommon: Cactus creature Sand tribble Glowing bacteria Tomb Sandworm skeleton Dust mephits

Rare: Sandworm Sand-stingray

1d20 Encounter % LAIR % TRACKS
1-3 Lizardmen (hex A10, A13) 30% 50%
4-5 1d2 tree trolls (hex C13) 40% 50%
6 Adventurers 10% 75%
7-9 Ghouls (hex A12, E9) 20% 50%
10-12 Zombies (hex E9) 25% 50%
13 Bat Swarm 20% 5%
14 Jungle Bear (hairless, use black bear stats) 10% 50%
15 Carrion crawlers 50% 50%
16 Giant leech Nil Nil
17-18 Orcs (hex B7) 25% 50%
19 Wild boars Nil 25%
20 Tyrannosaurus Rex Nil 50%

Cave generator:

Cave contents:

Other locations:

Table 54: 2-20 Encounter Table Dice Roll Frequency 2 Very rare 3 Very rare 4 Very rare or rare (DM's choice) 5 Rare 6 Rare 7 Uncommon* 8 Uncommon* 9 Common** 10 Common** 11 Common** 12 Common** 13 Common** 14 Uncommon* 15 Uncommon* 16 Rare 17 Rare 18 Very rare or rare (DM's choice) 19 Very rare 20 Very rare

** Or choice of two rare creatures, 50% chance of each.


Lots of Xvarts ? - Speak goblinish, Lawful, ruled by a Prime Xvart with strange powers. They are wary of strangers and hide often. Their skin gives off a pale blue glow, making them easy to spot at night. They only hunt during the day. Prime Xvart can breathe noxious gas (DC 13 Fort or be nauseated, -1d to all checks), and can cause all opponents to glow like them.

Cholla cactus creatures

Sand bathing tribble, but bigger, like big poodle, can be used for spellburn

Bio-lumenscent bacteria/fungi in the sand, conscious, forms patterns, can maybe answer questions, attuned to magic


Mountain goats Coyotes Spiders/Tarantulas

Sand stingrays that hunt at night, hide in the sand during the day, can maybe lift people up when they come out of the sand

Wolf wants party to spread cactus creatures through the desert, causes drug trip, causes revelation !?!

Man Scorpion - a man cursed by a god to this life, full of hate


Dragon - Ixthranadis:

Motivation: eat, hoard treasure, learn magic

Size of elephant HD: 8 Mv: 40' Attack: +9 Age: Young (6-15 years) Hp: 2xHD = 16 - override: 41 Daily breaths: 1 Die for spells: d6-2 AC: 19 Attacks 1 claw, bite Breathes cold (save Fort DC 18 or take 16 damage, half on save). Cone 10'x10' Spells: None

Martial powers: Hurl rocks. Range 100' 1d12 damage Damage reduction: Tough hide, reduce all damage by 1

Unique Powers: Clear passage: pass through vegetation without trace Speak with animals

Steel appareance Neutral