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B2: Keep on the Borderlands

FRC1 - Ruins of Adventure - The Council of Ten of the city of Phlan is looking to hire trusted adventurers to help them take back their town from the humanoid menace that has oppressed them for 40+ years.

Night Below - A wizard needs some trustworthy deliverymen to make a delivery to Haranshire. He's had problems before and needs someone with a reliable reputation.

FRQ3 - Doom of Daggerdale - Get PCs to Daggerdale - wife of someone murdered lives here. PCs discover belongings of her husband and wish to return them to her.

Undermountain - ???

Horde Campaign

FRA3 conversion:

Dragon #349 + Web Supplement (Gazetteer and history!) - Checkout Dragon #315, 351

Avatar Trilogy

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But the story had promise. So, I spent a couple months and rewrote the NPC parts as the character parts. It became one of my more memorable FR campaigns that still gets war stories told of its glory to this day.

Rise of the Runelords

In FR:

Backgrounds / Characters

And here are a few more character background tips for you:


Rescued from Being Lost • Deva rescues the party, brings them to upper planes, tries to guilt trip them into doing a job for them

Becoming Lost / Magical Explosion / Portal to ? / Teleportation Gone Awry • Lost in the Astral Plane • See Ythoth Longship entry

Targeted by Another Being

Unique Character Afflictions (be more specific): • Carries symbiotic organism (aids but also has own desire) • Bonded to some magical item (but has a drawback) • Possessed by a spirit • Reincarnation; previous version blending through • Bears supernatural blood (has trouble controlling it) • Their body is not actually their own (mind swapped without realising) • They are a clone • They were genetically bred for a specific purpose • They are bound to another being - when that being is injured they are too, but comes with aid • They have visions, but are hampered after having them • Have been implanted with false memories, maybe to cover up some other memories