Cult of the Bloody Stump

Gavin writes:

The Cult of the Bloody Stump actually has two meanings and the first might not be what you think.

The cult actually has built their camp/fortress/place of worship around the first. The fortress is a walled courtyard that surrounds a once glorious forests that was corrupted and now resembles a barren landscape. In the middle of this corruption is the stump of an ancient tree (think cathedral grove). The stump appears that the teee was cutdown centuries ago — however continues to bleed human blood at all times resembling an artery being cut open

Over the years the a prophecy has been that an outsider with a severed arm will provide the key to the trees rebirth and that placing a piece of the chosen ones flesh in will ‘plug’ the hole and cause the tree to bloom into the world eater — some giant tree meets dragon thing.

Over the centuries the tradition was that the cultists would cut their own arms off but no one was proven to be the chosen one. Now they seek out that outsider and continue traditions by cutting off their left little finger so other members can identify them

Location: Blackened swamp forest near Plague-Mort, Outlands

Population: 500