Curse of Greed - used on Antonio

The cursed loses any accumulated money from now on. The money reappears with the entity that gave the curse. Typically given by dead merchants. Lifted by destroying the corpse, or by buying the corpse with some gold.

Wealth acquired Gold Desired That which you want You can no longer have

Hunter's Curse

Given by forest spirits, or those close to the forest. The cursed speaks aloud a "tick" noise with every step. When cursed, wind flows around the ankles of the cursed, and the wind speaks:

By patience and stealth You deprive animals' health Now I grant you a step so loud Hear you will the forest crowd

Curse of Lost Time - used on Pola Snow

Given by undead babies, children. Those who died young. The cursed ages one year for each week passed. Can be removed by offering up a body for possession, or burying the curser.

A life I had Short but not sweet You may think unfair Your life I shall not spare

Curse of Lingering - used on Madame Claire, Wlad

Given by those bound to a place. The cursed also becomes bound to the place and does not want to leave. Speaker can pass the curse on to another.

Here I have remained Long has it been But now I will depart And here must you remain

Curse of Porc - used on Gino

"PIG THIEF PIG THIEF, Steal my pigs will you, well, TAKE THE STUPID RING. I curse you to eat only pig from now on !"