Elemental Plane of Air

Elemental Plane of Air

Created laugardagur 05 september 2020

Gravity: Controlled by thought. Any being can learn to fly here. The gravity of motes of earth/water/fire can be controlled by strong entities. Uncontrolled objects then fall in the manner dictated by the controller.

Newcomers can make Will saves to control their descent. Those who spend long enough time here learn to control it well, and no longer need to make checks, except under duress (combat, in a rush, etc)

Geography: An air "core" surrounded by three regions where other elements are more prevalent: Fire, Water, Earth. Closer one gets to those regions, the more influence those other elements show (smoke, steam/fog and rock)


The motes are unstable, moving constantly. Residents tend to stick to their motes: It's safe, familiar, and hopefully provides all they need. Only those looking for trouble or sent out on a mission for Ithha tend to travel the planes. As such, most civilized areas tend to distrust outsiders.

The air itself is host to many residents though, many of them hungry for flesh or torture. Air elementals, invisible stalkers, giant birds, strange insects. As one gets closer to the other elementals, the fauna changes: Near water, huge flying whales and manta rays, floating eels; Near fire: living fire tornados, swarms of flaming sparrows, and very rarely, a phoenix; Near earth: antethetical mutants, sentient levitating rocks, hollow crystals that sing painful songs, floating trees that sprout stone fruits


Travel: Given that the motes are constantly moving, a map is out of date once it is finished. But due to some strange feature of the plane, each mote has its own song. Playing the song on a wind instrument (ie. Flute) will guide you to the mote. Deaf people are essentially fucked. Some powerful natives can often feel this song internally, and can use that to navigate.

However, vision is often obscured: clouds, fog, blinding light from random balls of fire, strange lights. All of these occlude vision at various distances, and often hide what is behind them.

Ithha: Prince of Elemental Wind - seeks to subjugate the Elemental Lord of Earth, Grom

Itkura: The Baroness of Air & Fire, the Lady of Smoke and Ash. Somehow got mixed up with elemental fire, blames Ithha. Hates him. Hates his followers. Hates anyone in the elemental plane of air. Hates everyone. Hates you


Ithha's Domain

Temple of Itkura



  1. Energy Void - Spellburn affects negatively (-1 for each point burned) - some spells require spellburn to be cast
  2. Vision warp - The target of the spell becomes invisible to everyone but the caster for 1d6+spell level rounds
  3. Heavy weight - movement decreased by 10' for 1 round per spell level
  4. Static blast - random target (friend or foe) within 10' is hit by a charge of static electricity 1d6 damage (DC 10 Ref save for half)
  5. Duststorm - a whirling column of dust erupts around the caster, spraying grit in all directions. Those within 10' must make a DC 10 Ref save or be blinded for one round
  6. Smoke - the caster emits a blast of black smoke. Everyone within 20' radius must make a DC 10 Fort save, and begin choking for 1d4 rounds, during which they suffer -2 to all rolls. The smoke obscures vision somewhat, granting a bonus against incoming ranged attacks
  7. Hot Ash - the area around the caster is blanketed with hot ash! Everyone within 20' radius must make a DC 10 Fort save or take 1 point of damage
  8. Grow vestigial wings (celestial, infernal) - they look sickly and provide no function
  9. No change
  10. No change
  11. No change
  12. No change
  13. Thoughts appear as text above head (can't lie!), in the caster's native language. If this script has no known written form, the thoughts appear as pictographs
  14. Blast of wind - the caster emits a blast of wind alongside the spell! They may choose a target who must make a DC 10+CL Fort save or be blown back 20', taking 1d6 damage if they hit something
  15. Gravity halved - movement increased by 10' for 1 round per spell level
  16. Detect Invisibility - the caster can see invisible creatures for 1 round per caster level
  17. Lightning - a random foe near the target (or within 10' of the caster) is hit with a small blast of lightning for 1d6 damage (DC 10 Ref save for half)
  18. Invisibility
  19. Whispering Wind - the wind whispers arcane secrets into the caster's ear. They cast this +1d on this spell check, but must donate 1 point of Strength, Stamina, or Agility to the winds. This damage heals normally
  20. Alignment confusion: alignment shifts Lawful -> Neutral -> Chaotic -> Lawful or vice versa (1d2)
  21. Elemental mix: fire
  22. Elemental mix: water
  23. Fly
  24. Levitate


Wind Instruments:

Medieval Wind Instruments: (see https://www.medievalchronicles.com/medieval-music/medieval-instruments/medieval-woodwind-instruments/)

Things Encountered

Things encountered:

A giant beanstalk that leads to another plane, or a giant's castle Random object floating by:

  1. Body
  2. Equipement
  3. Ranged ammo (spear, arrow, bolt, stone)

At speed (per round):

  1. Very slow (10')
  2. Normal (30')
  3. Fast (60')
  4. Dangerously fast (300') - roll for atk/damage

A domain on a:

  1. Solid cloud
  2. Earth mote
  3. Gelatinous blob that is solid enough to support a structure
  4. Ball of fire
  5. Floating swamp
  6. AIrship

A building:

  1. Giant's cloud castle
  2. Temple of stone


  1. Cloud of toxic gas (choking cloud)
  2. Stream of fire
  3. Hail of rocks
  4. Vortex (Planescape Box Monster Appendix)

Predator hunting:

  1. Wyvern
  2. Roc
  3. Dragon
  4. Ythoth Raiders, collectively withdrawing from mushrooms
  5. Vampiric cloud

AEmus - Descendant of the Wind

Æmus - Descendant of the Wind

Hit die: d8

Weapons: spear, swords (any), club, mace, javelin, bow (any), staff, sling

Armour: any, though it can interfere with spells and check penalties. An æmus's Luck modifier applies to their armour's check penalties (totalled)

Align: usually neutral

Vuln: Partially extraplanar, dislikes being underground, succeptible to elemental earth spells

Source of air: Cannot suffocate due to a portal to the plane of air in their lines. Due to human nature they still inhale as a reflex, so are still affected by choking clouds

Luck: added to armour check penalties

Movement speed: 35'

Learn spells as an elf, always know of "air" spells, and roll a d24 when attempting to learn them through study:


  1. Falconer
  2. Hunter
  3. Scout
  4. Armourer
  5. Shaman
  6. Healer
  7. Acrobat
  8. Dancer
  9. Athlete
  10. Sage
  11. Minstrel
  12. Flute-maker
  13. Trumpet-maker (hammer, trumpet)
  14. Bagpipe-maker
  15. Potter (w/ Ocarina)
  16. Luthier
  17. Rock-crusher (smash rocks for sport)
  18. Animal Trainer
  19. Wrestler
  20. Fletcher