Summoning: Natives can't be summoned. Non-natives on Elysium can, but if htey're good they get +4 on the save Charm/Hold: Don't work on natives; good non-natives get +4 on save Necromancy that causes harm automatically fails, 33% chance of backlash: caster usffers the effect Water: enhanced on Thalasia



Special Encounters

Chances to do Good

Random Encounters


Asura's Bridge

An Asura has gone barmy and set himself up as the keeper of the only bridge over Oceanus for hours in any direction

Bird-like ruby talons, white skin, red hair, firey wings, blue toga, halberd, gold eyes

Bridge: Wide, stone arch over deep water River: deep blue, dark, wide (+800')

Asura: forgotten his own name let's no one cross until he is convinced they are not evil

"What is your business on the other side?" "Have you ever knowingly and willingly committed an act of evil?" "Do you feel guilty about your past actions?" "Would you like to donate your gold to the upkeep of this bridge?" "Would you stand watch with me over this bridge? For how long?"

Those crossing the bridge can detect lie for one day

Atk claw (2) +7 (1d10) +7 weapon (polearm: 1d10); AC 22; HD 8 (36hp); MV 30' Fl 90'; MR 40% Trumpet Blare: <= 2 HD creatures DC 12 Will save or flee Burning wind: 3+ asuras make wind, burns all evil for 2d10 damage Immune: charm, command, fear, hold person, ray of enfeeblement Spells: as level 4-5 priest

Foo Lion

Willing to assist; strong sense of justice

eats gems, metals

only age if stop doing good tasks

Maybe doing a task for Liu (god of the five grains)