House Rules

House Rules


Drowning: the target must suc- ceed in a DC 16 Stamina check. When the first check fails, the target is drowning. Once drowning, the creature loses 1d6 points of Stamina per round. (From entry under Elemental, Water)

PC Death

Bride of the Black Manse: PC awakens, surrounded by flames and an iron throne. Towering figure: "Not yet, you are promised to another." Flaming regent presses his clawed thumb to the PCs forehead. PC awakens with 1hp and a pentagram seared on his head. From now on has urge to go to the Black Manse's Manor

Bleeding Out

Gongfarmer's Alamanac 2015 - volume 6 - page 315

Other Ideas

Wounds and Vitality option