I Drank The Worm

I DRANK THE WORM (a Purple Planet table)

Any carrion death orm one comes across in the wastes or broken hills of the Purple Planet has a 4-in-6 chance of having a crude tap spiked into the orm somewhere along its side near the ground. The spigot will be made of woody mushroom fiber and the ground beneath it will be stained with dark blue dried blood. The spigot can be turned to release up to 5d20 skins of blood which will stay in liquid form for 1d10 days. This result is indicative of how long the orm has been rotting in the sun and how much it has been drained by the kith who tapped the orm. A fresh orm will provide at least a hundred skins of ten-day blood. Any orm carrion with strekleons about may have significantly less blood.

Per kith mores, only kith judged to strike a death blow against the orm are permitted to tap it but they will then share the bounty with their clan mates. If an orm is found dead, any worthy champion or warlord may tap and dispense it. Kith young are not permitted orm blood until they have killed their first foe.

A skin of orm blood counts as both food and water for a day for anyone who drinks it. Orm blood tastes a bit like blue agave.

Adventurous PCs on the Purple Planet may turn to drinking orm blood for survival. If they drink an entire skin of blood in one day, (the quantity sufficient for nourishment), they must roll 1d8 + 1d10 and consult the following chart. The result is modified by both Luck and Stamina. Kith PCs add 2 to their roll. First-time drinkers subtract 2 from their roll.

2 or less: Feverish Death Spasms - These last 2d2 hours. The character is somewhat groggy for the following day (-2 to to all rolls) and sustains a permanent debility of some kind, reflected as a permanent -1 penalty to Strength, Agility, or Stamina (determine randomly). 3: Vision Quest - The Purple Planet demands they travel to the Lake of Death, wade into its waters and toss a Relic of the Ancients deep therein. If they do this within the next 3d3 days they are awarded one Luck. If they do not, they suffer a penalty of one Luck. The Relic must have one or more charges remaining & must not be retrieved thereafter. 4: Orm Blood Hangover - All natural "4s" are treated as a natural "1" on the following day for spell checks and attack rolls. 5: Mushrooms - The PC craves them and suffers a -1 penalty to all rolls until they eat one or until the craving passes (1d5 days) If they fail a Will save against DC 5, only an untried mushroom will suffice. 6: Blackout - The character passes out unconscious and cannot be stirred for 1d6 hours. This occurs at sundown for a character drinking blood slowly over the course of the day. 7: Kith-molting – All of character's hair turns yellow-ish white and falls out in clumps. It begins to grow back as normal after 1d7 days. 8: Kith-eyes- Character's whole eyes turn ice-blue to bone-colored and remain so until they have not had orm's blood for 1d8 days. Some Kith may find this notable. 9: Dreams of the Planet- No ability or hit point healing this night, but a 3-in-9 chance (modified by Personality) dreams yield secrets or history of the Purple Planet. 10: No unusual effects. 11: Paranoia - Character somewhat ill-tempered (-1 Personality), but gains +4 to initiative rolls for 24 hours. 12: Purple Pathfinder - A group guided by this PC has no worse than a 1-in-20 chance of becoming lost the following day. 13: Tremor Sense - The PC can sense an orm, kith warband or similarly large threat from at least a mile away the following day. They also cannot be surprised during this period. 14: Divine Dreams - Character has prophetic dreams they can only half-recall. As a Second Sight spellcheck result of 30-31 (p267) but for only one decision on the following day. 15: Hot-blooded - 1d3 hit points are healed and the character is somewhat more 1) amorous; 2) talkative; 3) aggressive than usual for 24 hours. 16: Invigoration - One point of Stamina is restored. If Stamina is already at natural maximum, Stamina increased by 1d3 for 24 hours. 17: Charismatic Infusion - One point of Personality is restored. If Personality is already at natural maximum, Personality increased by 1d3 for 24 hours. 18+: Flow-Tainted Blood - The PC’s Stamina or Personality (determine randomly) is permanently increased by one. If the PC is a spell-caster, one of their random spell’s mercurials is re-established.

Once a character has received the ‘No unusual effects” result twice they do not roll again. That is always the effect of orm blood upon them going forward.