Goddess of Nature


Result Original Table Effect Ildavir Effect 1- Busy for 10 mins Must eat some seeds to fertilize them; causes mild sickness 2 Busy for 60 mins; -1 spell check until complete An animal appears, fires/sprays something at the player, then disappears. Roll on subtable A. The result is typically an inconvenience that must be dealt with for 2d4 rounds, potentially with long lasting effects (such as accompanying bad smell). Player can make a DC 15 Ref save to halve the duration, with a roll of a 1 adding a complication, such as temporary blindness, extra duration, or targeting more characters than just the caster. 3 Recruit follower or -1 spell checks until next day Cannot kill animals for any reason until next day, even if they are threatening others. The cleric is expected to resolve the situation without killing an animal, or by otherwise withdrawing. Allowing colleagues to kill animals in place of the cleric is not permitted. 4 -1 spell checks until next day Alters the cleric's sense of smell until the next day. The cleric can only smell foul things: rot, excrement, corruption. His sense of smell is heightened, and if surrounded by any such smells, he must make a DC 15 Fort save or take -4 on all checks until he leaves the area. 5 Defer to others as superior; failure: no spells Illvadir summons an animal that must be protected until the next day. The animal actively tries to get itself into trouble. The animal is actually an aspect of Ildavir , testing the cleric. If the animal is slain, the cleric's disapproval range does not reset the next day. 6 -1 to lay on hands permanently, until someone in need is significantly healed The cleric has until the next day to recruit another follower to the cause of Ildavir. This could be explicit by having them vow to honour Ildavir, or implicit, in that the cleric has changed the behaviour of someone in a way that is favourable to Ildavir (example: Convincing a woodcutter to plant saplings instead of cutting them down). If no follower is recruited, disapproval does not reset. 7 Gains illness which causes state loss; cannot heal himself or faces more disapproval A seed appears in the cleric's hand, and the cleric must consume it. The cleric becomes pregnant, and must carry the animal to term over three days. Each day adds a cumulative -1 penalty to all checks. Disapproval resets immediately. Failure to consume the seed results in the cleric being unable to cast any spells, turn unholy, or lay on hands for the remainder of the day. 8 -4 checks on specific spell until next day The cleric is overwhelmed with the desire to curl up somewhere safe, such as a corner of a dungeon, or in tree branches, and sleep. Upon entering sleep, he is wrapped in a cocoon. He emerges 8 hours later, changed. Roll on subtable B. He can resist this desire with a DC 10 Will save, but the effect occurs the next time he sleeps, and he suffers a -1 penalty to all spell/turn unholy/lay on hands checks until then. 9 -2 spell checks until next day The cleric must fast for 1d3 days. He may consume only liquids, no solids. The lack of sustenance means that the cleric loses one point of Stamina each day, and does not recover hit points or any other stat loss. 10 Lose access to one random spell until next day Ildavir summons a threat to nature that the cleric must dispose of. Roll on subtable D. a party of hunters that the cleric and his party must dispose of. The hunters are hunting solely for sport. 11 -2 to all spell checks, lifted after DC 15 Will after every full day of meditation The cleric must embark on a quest within the next week to help nature out. 12 Cannot accumulate XP until next day The cleric awakens to find an animal eating a piece of their equipment. The equipment is destroyed and the animal disappears. 13 Lose access two two random spells until next day The cleric is scorned by plants and animals wherever they go. Animals alert the cleric's presence and flee. Plants do their best to hinder the cleric as they pass. Fruit, nut, or herbs picked from the plants seems to taste rotten and provides no sustenance. Vines lash out and attempt to trip the cleric. Insatiable bugs find the cleric's flesh delicious. 14 -4 permenant spell checks until 40% of what he owns is sacrified (-1 per 10%) The cleric's soul is bound to a plant. If the plant takes damage, so does the cleric, and vice versa. If one is slain, so is the other. Reroll disapproval dice: <= 13: plant is small and appears in the clerics hand in a clay pot. > 13: Plant is large and rooted somewhere, but the cleric knows how to find it. The cleric's soul is unbound after 1d3-luck days (min 1). 15 Disapproval range doesn't reset next day Ildavir laments the cleric's usage of technology. The cleric must refrain from wearing or using any metallic objects for the rest of the day. The cleric may use only items that are derived from plants or animals. These include: leather, wood, wool, linens, bone, ivory, silk, etc. Refusal results in loss of powers for the day. 16 No lay on hands for 1d4 days Ildavir is thoroughly unimpressed, and her disapproval proves long lasting. Disapproval range doesn't reset the next day. 17 Loses access to 1d4+1 random spells Ildavir demands selflessness. For the rest of the day, the cleric may not lay on hands on themselves, nor may they accept help for something that they can reasonably do themselves. They may also not let animals or plants that are in need go without aid. Failure to do so results in loss of powers for the remainder of the day. 18 Cannot turn unholy for 1d4 days As 8, but roll twice on the metamorphosis table. 19 Branded with sin, mark visible to other clergy. Disappears after a week w/o sin Ildavir demands sanctity. The cleric must consecrate an area in the name of the goddess, building a small shrine at the location. The cleric must then care for the shrine for the next month, ensuring that it is well maintained, though they may employ the aid of others in doing so. The cleric has one week in which to build the shrine, and suffers -1 on all spell/turn/lay checks until the shrine is complete. Refusal to build the shrine results in excommunication. 20+ Lay on hands works only once per day per creature Roll again twice. If this roll results again, reroll until a different result is achieved.

Subtable A: Animal appears Roll Animal Result 1 Skunk Sprays cleric 2 Vulture Vomits on cleric 3 Horned Lizard Squirts blood on cleric 4 Giant Spider Sprays web on cleric 5 Monkey Flings excrement at cleric 6 Camel/Llama Spits on the cleric 7 Giant Artillery Fungus Fires sticky spore sac at the cleric 8 Hippopotamus Sprays excrement over area

Subtable B: Metamorphosis Results can be applied multiple times. Consult the column corresponding to the number of times the roll has happened. The cleric may beseech their goddess for a quest to remove undesirable features. Roll 1d14 Result First Second Third 1 Horns: 1d3: 1: single bigger horn; 2: pair of horns, 3: antlers Small; 1d2 damage Medium: 1d4 damage, no helmet Large:

1d6 damage, no helmet

2 Webbed feet/hands MV Swim +5 MV Swim +10 MV Swim +15, MV Land -5 3 Wings. 1d3: 1: leathery bat wings, 2: feathery bird wings: 3: iridescent butterfly wings Can slow descent slightly Can glide horizontally; can only wear tailored armour Fly 30'; can only wear tailored armour 4 Tail. 1d2: 1: leathery lizard tail; 2: furry mammal tail Cosmetic only Provides balance; +1 REF save Can perform tail to trip opponent 5 Antennae Cosmetic, can still wear non-rigid headgear 50% of not being surprised. Can't wear headgear. Never surprised by corporeal beings. Can't wear headgear 6 Claws Unarmed 1d3 damage Unarmed 1d4 damage Unarmed 1d6 7 Hooves +5 MV, can't wear boots 8 Chameleon skin; skin changes to match surroundings. Also changes according to mood - those who know the cleric find it easier to detect lies. Slight; +1 to hide checks Medium: +3 to hide checks Total: +5 to hide checks 9 Fur Warmth More warmth Even more warmth 10 Forked tongue Spit 5' 1/hour. Target saves FORT 10 or takes 1d3 damage Spit 10' 2/hour. Target saves FORT 15 or takes 1d6 damage. Spit 10' 3/hour. Target saves FORT 15 or takes 1d6 damage and is blinded for 1 turn. Cleric's speech is affected negatively. 11 Wood skin Thin bark: +1 AC Thicker bark: +3 AC, MV -5', can't wear armour Very thick bark: +5 AC, MV -10', can't wear armour 12 Photosynthetic skin: roll 1d3: 1-2: normal (green skin); 3: lunarphotosynthetic (bluish silver skin) Requires resting sunlight (or moonlight for lunar) instead of sleep. Lack of light causes -1 stamina per day 13 Natural purification: consumes more food than normal, urinates pure water 14 Roll twice. If you get 14 again, choose one trait that the cleric has already undergone. That trait is removed and replaced with another.

Subtable D: Threats to Nature Roll Result Clear cutters Sport Hunting Party Miners Dam Builders Poachers working for a circus or noble Corrupting Monster(s) - for suggestions Roll on E or pick based on level

For the humans, most of the above have stats as Peasants. Use a Bandit for group leaders, guards, or hunters. Ildavir saves the last living one, transporting them home as a witness, marking the cleric as a potential target for retribution. It's best if you come up with your own table specific to your campaign.

Subtble E: Corrupting Monsters Roll Monster HD Page # 1 Deep Ones (3d12) 1 400 2 Demon 1-30 404 3 Ghoul (2d4) 2 414 4 Hollow One 2 418 5 Troll 8 429 6 Witch 3 434

Quest ideas: • Stop a settlement that is encroaching on/destroying nature • Recover a rare plant/animal specimen and transport it to safety • Cleanse an area of corruption/pollution • Slay a monster that is causing corruption

Things Ildavir likes: • Nature thriving • Natural beauty • Elves • Halflings • Plants, animals, mushrooms

Things Ildavir dislikes: • Hunting for sport (for survival is okay) • Confined animals • Most civilisation • Demons • Pollution