Prince of Elemental Wind

Ithha, prince of elemental wind, serves as one example of the elemental pacts that can be made. Ithha is a demi- god who seeks to subjugate the earth elemental Grom and his minions. Ithha grants limited control over wind and the ability to summon air elementals.

He is the Four Winds. As an elemental, he is primordial, above the concerns of Law and Chaos. He opposes Earth, whom he hardly affects, save for dust and sand. He has a mixed relationship with fire, who consumes the air, yet can help him against the Earth. He enjoys the company of Ildavir and Yggdrasil, whose plants produce more air, and who depend on him to spread the seeds.

He may grant a gift: A Windblade, which slices through rock and stone as though it were flesh.

Patron Taint


  1. Become more cloudlike, lower body becomes a cloud, levitating constantly
  2. Spells generate wind, extinguishes light, blows things around
  3. Constantly generates noise, surrounded by wind
  4. Mission against Grom
  5. Skin turns green, can't stand long periods underground
  6. Breathes less, requires less oxygen -> none at all

Wind Walk

Wind Walk

Level: 1 Range: Self or more Duration: Varies Casting time: 1 turn/caster level Save: Will save vs spell check

General: Ithha grants the caster to control the air around him, to propel themselves forward or lift themselves up. The caster can select a lower result. Gotta go fast!


  1. Swirls of cloudy wisps float under the caster's feet
  2. Short feathery wings sprout from the caster's ankles
  3. A blast of air eminates from the caster's feet, kicking up dust and lifting him off the ground
  4. No visible manifestation

1 Lost, failure, and patron taint 2-11 Lost. Failure. 12-13 Improve speed - movement speed doubles 14-15 Improve speed with allies or improve speed+ - movement speed triples, or allies double, near caster 16-17 Improve speed+ with allies or improve speed++ - movement speed quaduples, or allies triple, near caster 18-19 Hover self - can cross gaps, but then begins descending until reaching 1' above the ground. Gap: 1x movement speed

From Levitate: For up to 1 turn, the caster can rise or descend through the air at a rate of 20 vertical feet or horizontal feet per round of concentration. In a single round, the caster can move horizontally or vertically, but not both – this is levitation not flight. Complex maneuvers are not possible, and the caster’s AC is reduced by -2 while levitating. The caster may step off his vertical suspension at any point (for example, to step onto a castle wall). If the caster’s concentration is broken while still in the air, he falls to the earth, suffering 1d6 damage for each 10’ fallen. 20-21 Hover+ self. Movement speed doubles, Gap crossable: 2x movement speed 22-23 Hover allies or Hover++ self. Allies hover, can cross gaps at 1x movement speed, OR Movement speed triples, gap crossible: 2x movement speed 24-25 Hover+ allies - for allies: Movement speed doubles, Gap crossable: 2x movement speed 26-27 Flight - gains Flying speed of 30' 28-29 Flight+ - gains Flying speed of 60' 30-31 Flight++ or Flight with allies - gains FLying speed of 60' or allies gain speed 30' 32+ Flight+ with allies - allies gain flying speed 60'


Spell burn

  1. Skin turns green (if it isn't already), must bath in the sun to produce air
  2. Spellburn causes a storm
  3. Caster must write something down for Ithha
  4. Must blow really hard, draining stats
  5. Steal a shard of the egg of creation from the temple of the Harrower



Wind Walk

Invisible Companion Gust of Wind Ithha's Howling Winds - winds from Pandemonium - causes some damage, some madness - Like Gust of Wind - slightly less damaging, but with madness

Control Weather Tazimack's Terrible Tornado

The Howling Winds

The Howling Winds

Level: 3 Range: Varies Duration: Varies Casting time: 1 round Save: Will vs Spell Check

General: A portal to the maddening realm of Pandemonium is opened by Ithha, and the howling winds of madness rush out, push things around and testing the sanity of sentient beings. Those affected may be deafened, blinded, or driven insane.


  1. Pebble-sized holes open in the caster's palms; wispy screaming heads fly forth
  2. A 10' diameter semi-transluscent portal opens before the caster; invisible winds batter the targets
  3. The caster breathes wind from his mouth; the affected area becomes completely greyscale for the duration
  4. Hundreds of ghostly apparitions of the caster flood forward from his body, fading once they reach the edge of the spell's range

1 Lost, failure, and patron taint 2-11 Lost. Failure. 12-15 Failure, but spell is not lost 16-17 DC 14 Strength or 10', 1d6 dam 18-21 DC 16 Strength or 20', 1d6 dam 22-23 DC 18 Strength or 40', 1d8 dam 24-26 DC 20 Strength or 100', 1d10 dam 27-31 DC 22 Strength or 200', 1d12 dam 32-33 Snaking gust, DC 28 Strength or 300', 1d14 dam 34-35 Arc, snaking gust, DC 30 Strength or 400', 1d16 dam 36+ Storm, 1d6 damage per round, DC 30 Str to resist

1 Lost, failure and patron tain 2-11 Lost. Failure. 12-15 Failure, but spell is not lost 16-17 10'x10', Will save or be deafened. Unattended objects of less than 5 pounds are pushed back. 18-21 20'x20', Will save or be deafened. DC 14 Strength or pushed back, 1d6 damage 22-23 40'x20', Will save or be blinded. DC 16 Strength or pushed back, 1d6 damage 24-26 60'x20', Will save or be blinded. DC 18 Strength or pushed back, 1d8 damage 27-31 Cone originating at point within 50'. 100'x30', Will save or be blinded AND deafened, DC 18 or pushed back, 1d8 damage 32-33 Cone originating at point within 100'. 200'x50', Will save or confused, unable to tell friend from foe and unable to cast spells. DC 20 Strength or pushed back, 1d10 dam 34-35 Cone originating at point within 300'. 300'x100', Will save or confused. DC 20 Strength or pushed back, 1d10 36+ Cone originating at point within 500'. 500x100', Will save or confused, blinded AND deafened. DC 22 Strength or pushed back, 1d12 damage