Like Transformers junkyard planet

Features: • Discarded items from anywhere somehow end up here • Sometimes errant spirits inhabit those items, giving them intelligence and weird properties • Fallout-like shelters?

Factions: • Junk-kith ○ Highly mutated ○ Subsist on waste and occasional mushrooms • Abandoned Ythoth Raiders ○ Subsist on corpse flowers ○ Haven't had ythoth mushrooms in a long time, still heavily addicted ○ Almost all insane, mostly act alone ○ Peaceful when it comes to the corpse flowers (it soothes them) • Waste-droids ○ Originally built to perform recycling tasks ○ Became corrupt and started augmenting themselves ○ Powered by the greenstone shards they find ○ Katamari-like

Relics: • Exosuit ○ Controlled by mind ○ Extra strength, cutting tools ○ Uses a lot of greenstone shards ○ Can't get out once it's unpowered