(Human, planer, female, ranger) Level: 9 Alignment: Neutral Good Strength: 17, Dexterity: 15 Constitution: 17, Wisdom: 16 Intelligence: 13, Charisma: 17 HP: 83 AC: 0 Special: Ranger abilities, Speak with Animals once per day (wolves) Magical Items: Bracers of Defence AC3, Ring of protection +2, Long sword +4 (forged in the Outlands), Short sword of quickness +2 (forged in Sigil), Ring of the Ram

Karleona was victorious in a bitter power struggle in the Wylders just over nine months ago. She has spent much of that time consolidating her position, but has been undermined in this by Aaronatok. She bases herself in Faunel, and is almost always accompanied by a group of her hard-core supporters, numbering from five to twenty, wherever she goes. When she is in the Beastlands (which she makes a point of visiting at least once a month), she begins to develop the characteristics of a wolf. Her mask also resembles a wolf.

Karleona is a charming woman, roughly 35 years in age. She managed to win the election, in the end, because she was simply more charismatic than Aaronatok. She favours a more direct approach to the Vile Hunt, and challenged Aaronatok's leadership because of this view. her attitude towards the Vile hunt is simple. Members of this despicable sect must be tracked down, and killed. From Faunel, she gathers as much information about the Vile Hunt as possible. When she hears of a suspected member, she tracks them down (or more accurately, she sends one of her followers, or possible hires someone), determines if they are truly a Vile Hunt member, and if they are, has them killed. As a result, the Harmonium have a reward on her head should she ever set foot in Sigil, though it is hard to see why she would. When they have found a Vile Hunt member, Karleona orders their death (though any information that can be got from them beforehand will come in useful). Mercenaries are occasionally hired to do this, though the Wylders are not a rich sect. It is expected that all belongings of the Vile hunter will become the property of the Wylders, though where mercenaries have been hired there may be individual arrangements with them.

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