Physical: • 6' in height, broad shoulders, barrel chest • pale skin: ash white to fatty yellow • elaborate tattoos (more tattoos = more strength)

Psyche/Cultural: • They respect weaponsmiths/armourers highly • rank determined by quality of weapons and number of tattoos • no distinction between male/female warriors • highly social. being left alone is worse than death • desperate for assurance and direction • those that refuse to fight are exiled • believe ascended masters know all and speak the absolute word of truth • believes own clan is the true clan, fighting for its own existence • no atrocity is too great when done in service of the clan • if they are victorious, they will usher in new peace and learning like the old days

Cotcyst beliefs: • Tried to escape to another planet • Might is right. One last big victory over Reagen'Tor and peace and prosperity will follow • Goal of peace through abject slaughter • Militaristic

Reagen'Tor beliefs: • Unable to recreate their glory, they escaped from the present world into memory and smoke • Day of Dooms is drawing near, when sun will die and scorch the whole planet • Must purge all wickedness from the planet • Protect their temple at all costs • Cleanse the souls of the living so that fires of dying sun will restore their house

Kith sayings: • "barren as Blackwell" - a won commodity that doesn't last beyond the victory • "fall of the fields" - a great victory with many spoils; or ultimate futility of resisting the weirdling sun • "Have you forgotten the fall of the fields?" - remember great victories, but don't forget their ultimate pointlessness • "Tergar's Charge" - Cotcyst warrior who beat Sotark against all odds • "I have seen Tergar's Charge once more!" - after witnessing a heroic deed • "fit to be in Tergar's host" - of a respected warrior • "Remain strong! Tergar never threw down his spear! He did not wail and gnash his teeth like a cub!" • "Gribb Gorging" - a battlefield swarming with feasting Gribb • "The Convulsion" - when the wierdling sun wobbled in the sky, heralding the end • "Time of the Blood-born" - danger of losing control through overreaching • "Yatog's blood" - Green plants sprouted where this kith warrior fell • "Yatog's garden" - Mythical place where the warrior's lifeblood counters the wierdling sun (no kith knows what a garden is)