Magic Items

Dagger +1 ("The Chef")

Wooden Stave (originally: wand of detecting metals)

Flaming Dagger +1 (found by Cromley) "The Sparrow"

Fulkth's Green Silk Robe, cloak of protection +2 (Lester)

Maxwell's Sword (recreated by god of war)

Lazech's Splitter +1 Long sword (Roll: 64) Alignment: Neutral Intelligence: 4 Communication: Simple urges

Bane: Earth Elementals (Ability score drain; sword inflicts normal damage plus 1d4 points of ability score drain per hit against bane; determine ability score with 1d5: (1) Strength, (2) Stamina, (3) Agility, (4) Personality, (5) Intelligence)

Power: Detect magic 1/day

Staff of Rozvankee +1 Magic weapon, 1d4+1+CL damage, +1 saves, +1 AC Light 20', triggered by saying "glow" while holding it Spell 1 - +1 when casting Ekim's Mystical Mask Spell 2- +1 when casting Scare Belonged to the Strategist Rozvankee. Contains the soul of one of her advisors who had betrayed her

Blade of the Wind