Mundane Treasure

Ancient coins: Found on upper level of dungeon

The coins belonged to the old Duchy of Sharikkor, taken 500 years ago during a dragon raid. A dragon burned down the city's defenses, and hoards of minions ransacked the town, making off with the duke's gold. The duke and his family fled and hid in a cave nearby. Afterwards, he was unable to pay his arm, and his territory shrank, and now it is merely the County of Sharikkor.

They are at an uneasy peace with the Kingdom of Norkuling, and upon hearing news of the recovery of some of that gold, the Count wants the coins for himself, and to also find and locate the remnants of that gold. This can lead to political tensions, and with the King wanting to control the adventurer's activities


Crown (Medilona)

Ancient coins:

Treasure Tables

d% Result (from GM Gems) 01  Garnet-tipped thieves’ tools. 02  Beaded seashell net full of sacks, each containing exotic incense from foreign lands. 03  Set of chess pieces carved to look like gnomes and kobolds. 04  Petite, silvered hand mirror that makes all seen within appear slightly more attractive 05  Dog whistle that also attracts gnolls. 06  A gaudy peacock feather duster with bloodstone buttons. 07  Decorative, intelligent and animated clockwork lock. 08  Supply of color-coded, scented tinder twigs. 09  Fine ink pen inlayed with lapis lazuli, gold leaf, and a royal seal. 10  Leather-bound notebook embossed with magical symbols. 11  Courtier’s outfit made to resemble stylized peasant garb. 12  Glockenspiel music box with mechanized dancing princesses and suitors. 13  Smooth river stone bearing flecks of gold and a dwarven glyph. 14  Bejeweled desk set including a white gold letter opener, blotter, and signet ring. 15  Black dragon’s tooth scrimshaw. 16  Fine wooden case that folds out into a diminutive personal shrine complete with holy symbols, bowls for holy water, and a candelabrum. 17  Wind up statuette of a reclining bronze dragon whose retractable paper-webbed wings beat like a fan. 18  Divination sticks made of crystal and bound with copper bands. 19  Single six-sided bone die bearing a crown, snake, rose, flame, four-leaf clover, and skull on its sides. 20  Dust covered jar etched with merfolk funeral tableaus, filled with pickled baby octopi. 21  Spoon fashioned from azurite. 22  Electrum tiara with chain-hung orbs, each holding ground wildflower potpourri. 23  Blue glass bottle full of elfin nail clippings. 24  Cuttlefish cast mold of a famous queen’s ring from a revered silversmith foundry. 25  Set of four rock crystal goblets, two of which have minute chips in them. 26  Gilt tortoise shell sink basin. 27  Several bottles of fine fairy wine, along with magically fresh bread, cheese, and spiced meats. 28  Deck of cards inlayed with gold leafing, featuring baroque artwork. 29  Mother of pearl hair comb shaped like a conch. 30  Mahogany wand with a single casting of cure minor wounds left in it. 31  Headband with spiral shaped soapstone medallion. 32  Mug carved from a chimera’s horn with etchings along the side that tell the tale of its taking. 33  The only copy of a hilarious yet completely unknown farcical play called Operation: Ostentation. 34  Belt made of interconnecting adamantine plates. 35  Confectionary truffles, which are actually curled spiders drowned in fungus brandy and then enrobed in chocolate—a svirfneblin delicacy. 36  Flute fashioned from a petrified eyestalk of a giant lobster. 37  Miniature marble coffin filled with lilac-scented whale blubber. 38  Otherworldly powdered wig. 39  Scented candle made from assassin vine flowers. 40  Ribbon-corset that magically cinches and releases according to its wearer’s desire. 41  Oaken box with a variety of foreign coins. 42  Hammered platinum hair plait encrusted with obsidian eyes. 43  Glass display case filled with different species of exotic beetles, moths, and butterflies. 44  Silver shuriken camouflaged to appear as a lawman’s badge. 45  Stick with a tiny illusory flame on its tip. 46  Lockable wooden lap-desk, with jars of pigments, ink vials, and a collection of vellums and parchments in a rainbow of colors. 47  Amber smoking pipe, which entombs an ancient dragonfly and magically ignites any tobacco placed within its bowl. 48  Goblin dollhouse cave replete with sinister little dolls and decor. 49  Red-lacquered box, with live silkworms and a bonsai mulberry bush. 50  Kaleidoscope, with tiny inlaid mirrors on its exterior. 51  Hand-painted portrait in a carnelian frame with intaglio carvings of ivy. 52  Weathered map, with a detailed path through a dangerous pass. 53  Ornate helmet made from a sea cat’s head. 54  Copper coin that magically performs the knuckle roll trick. 55  Fancy wedding dress, embroidered with many small seed pearls, crystals, and diamonds, carefully preserved in a cedar chest. 56  Empty journal with a hand-carved wooden cover depicting a wooded glade. 57  Delicate, blown glass vase, complete with glass flowers. 58  Four candles painted with seasonal imagery, wrapped and bound in an intricate braid. 59  Amethyst paperweight. 60  Intricately welded mithral leg brace consisting of a stirrup, sidebars, and master wheelwork. 61  Pair of basalt gargoyle bookends. 62  Snuff box carved from opal, with a few crumbs of fetid-smelling mushroom snuff. 63  Wine stained ivory chalice. 64  Heart-shaped silver box with a lock of hair in it. 65  Plaque with the inscription:“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” 66  Lustrous scarf woven of fire giant’s beard. 67  Pair of crystal phials containing the ashes and tears of a local saint. 68  Pearl-handled straight razor. 69  Tiny gypsy maiden crafted of baked clay and rags, enchanted to pirouette when bathed in full moonlight. 70  Lucky goblin toe strung on a fine brass chain. 71  Piece of sandstone worked to reveal the fossilized remains of a mysterious little creature. 72  Palm-size abacus with smooth green peridot counting stones. 73  Magicked flowerpot that allows any flora within to survive without light or water. 74  Jar containing a tiny portion of a gelatinous cube. 75  Sitka spruce tray filled with sand, small stones and a tiny rake beside it. 76  Rattle made from a dried snapping turtle, with the handle formed from its distended neck. 77  Porcelain water whistle that sounds like a wood thrush. 78  Iron chastity belt filigreed with roses. 79  Golden scorpion brooch with ruby eyes. 80  Giant nephrite and brass hookah cast in the shape of a nalfeshnee. 81  Lace doily woven from spider silks. 82  Ebony scroll case with starry moonstone inlays. 83  Necklace suspending a tiny brass hourglass. 84  Collection of sword pommels cast to resemble a pantheon of gods. 85  Buckskin hip flask full of viscous blade oil, which once applied, roars demonically when swung through the air. 86  Mahogany box containing a collection of minerals, each one carefully labeled and classified. 87  Badger skull made into a container, filled with a pasty red dye. 88  Recipe book featuring twenty ways to spit a pig. 89  Prosthetic hand carved from white alabaster and engraved with fine runes. 90  Jar filled with hundreds of unmatched buttons. 91  Rolled up weretiger fur tied with silk ribbon. 92  Leather satchel holding a rubber ball and two-dozen caltrops. 93  Model ship in a bottle attacked by a magically animated stuffed squid. 94  Blood-stained wooden box filled with rusted dissecting tools. 95  A mummified pixie. 96  Pen knife with a petrified wood handle. 97  Small bag of perfectly shaped skipping stones. 98  An offensively pungent wad of fur stuffed into a neck pouch that supposedly wards off lycanthropes. 99  Set of nested dolls depicting various magical beasts. 00 Cloisonné cage containing an awakened cricket.

Mundane, large

Mundane, small