Northern Mountains

Mountains Behind Stonehell

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Duergar/derro Bird-folk - Aarakocra/Kenku Giants? - Stone Giants? Wyverns Roc Trolls Wolves Winter Wolves (alpine) Wargs Bears Eagles Giant Eagles Mountain Goats Rock-People Ogres (Foothills) Owlbear Sentient alpine meadows A Hermit monk who knows martial moves Chimera Manticore Werewolves Displacer Beast/Phase Tiger Blink dogs Bugbears Orcs Goblins Gargoyles Giant Spiders (especially funnel/tarantulas) - Foothills Griffin (aerie) Sphinx - Heiraco

Fiend Folio: Firedrake Ki-rin/Lammasu/Shedu Leucrotta Wind Walker

Dwarven ruins Caves Ravines Lakes Cliffs Gently sloping mountains Sheer ridges (high climb DC) Valleys

Avalanches Rock slides Cold Wind

Regions: Foot hills Alpine (above timber line) Glaciers

Adventures: Journey to the Center of Aereth Purple plants from Numenera? Expedition to the Barrier Peaks White Plume Mountain (volcano though)

  Foothills Montane Alpine
Common (5) Bears Bears Bears
  Wolves Wolves Mountain Goats
  Goblins Mountain Goats Eagles
Uncommon (4) Ogres Giant Eagles Winter Wolves
  Giant Spiders Bird-folk Giant Eagles
  Halflings Orcs Sentient Alpine Meadows
Rare (4-6) Hill Giants Winter Wolves Bird-Folk
  Wargs Stone Giants Owlbear
    Lycanthrope, Werewolves  
Very Rare (4-6) Winter Wolves Roc Frost Giants
  Wyverns Displacer Beast/Phase Tiger Griffins

Border Encounters: 25% Encounter Type (1d4): 1: Location; 2+: Other Encounter surprise: Whenever there is a need to check for surprise, the Labyrinth Lord rolls 1d6 for the monsters and/or the characters as a group. A roll of 1 or 2 on 1d6 means the side is surprised and cannot act for one round. Distance: 4d6 x 10 to determine how many meters (avg 140m) away the characters are from the monster

Encounter Table Frequency

Table 54: 2-20 Encounter Table Dice Roll Frequency 2 Very rare 3 Very rare 4 Very rare or rare (DM's choice) 5 Rare 6 Rare 7 Uncommon* 8 Uncommon* 9 Common** 10 Common** 11 Common** 12 Common** 13 Common** 14 Uncommon* 15 Uncommon* 16 Rare 17 Rare 18 Very rare or rare (DM's choice) 19 Very rare 20 Very rare

** Or choice of two rare creatures, 50% chance of each.

Monster Reaction Table

Roll Result (2d6) 2 Friendly, helpful 3-5 Indifferent, uninterested 6-8 Neutral, uncertain 9-11 Unfriendly, may attack 12 Hostile, attacks

Winter Wolves

Winter Wolves (7)

Ruuvë ate the young of Tẽvori and then fled

Tẽvori - alpha female, leader, seeks location of Ruuvë to exact revenge upon him

Nishusa - Tëvori's mate, always trying to prove himself. Will run off alone after Ruuvë

Buugii - would be interested in mating with Ruuvë, has no alliance to the others


ruuzhonï /ˈɾuːʒoɲï/ nf. Dog j́ẽtë /ˈɟẽtë/ nf. Sister këchyii /ˈkëciː/ nf. Female kësi /ˈkësi/ v. face

Init +5 HD: 6 (24hp) Atk bite +6 (2d4+2) or frost (AoE 10'x20' cone, 4d6 damage or Ref DC 12 for half) Ref +5 Fort +5 Will +2 AL: N

Brother Thelo and The Monastery Of Silence

Brother Thelo and Monastery of Silence

Monastery: Perched atop a sheer granite rock, jutting out over a lush valley. Stone walls, grey slate roof, some trees jutting out near the top.

If the party is friendly, Thelo will lower a magically-study rope ladder. Once the last PC has climbed onto it, it will raise itself up magically.

Thelo: Angelic being of Aristemis, can teleport at will, can see invisible/through illusions, prefers not to speak at all. Lives alone in an attempt to strengthen his enlightenment, also works as an agent against the Hidden Lord.

Will examine Pola's mind by striking her with an open palm - she will fall asleep, Will save determines for how long. When she wakes up, she will have re-dreamed the moment she was cursed, from the Poltergeist in stonehell. But she will also feel peaceful and at ease.

Thelo will try and convince her to stay while the others move on, though he will let them rest one night.

Motivation: Enlist holy warriors in the fight against the Hidden Lord, who tries to conceal everything. Will try to enlist them by aiding them, and hoping they try to do so in kind.