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TODO: • Kith ghost that haunts Ghetrina ○ extra-dimensional being that needs help ○ Wants to bring kith to the stars • Three Fates quest (reclaim someone's sanity from a demon?) • Location: Death Orm graveyard • Location: Dungeon of the Dead God (beneath arena) • Organon Magisteros - being of pure geometry from Mechanus - Mecha-Woiglinko can sense it • Demon who stole Etuqi'xo's true name • Vampiric Strekleon ? (P54, underplateau) • Secret language of the mushroom people which can teach Brosario phantasm? • TODO: Shadeslayer crippler ability

Next rest:

Three Fates Quests: • Destroy corpse flower • Destroy ythoth raiders

Flashbacks: • Head of ascended master of Cotcyst being placed in a jar • Scientific experiments of kith breeding • Ascended master of Reagen'Tor immolating self • Dreaming Regent hooking self up to portal throne (#84p7 A-1) • PCs stunning the kith in the arena, from perspective of the spectators • Kith champion being entombed, may show collapsing pillar trap • Aenthor - bright spires, quiet halls, flowers & trees wilting, people running in panic • Dorak - Knight leading a charge againstseveral death orms • Farmer committing suicide among dying foliage


  1. On longship
  2. Exploded
  3. Still possessed by Vatya Ibdid

Shards: Beadle - 0 Brosario - 0 Fabru - 0 Rolley - 0 Ghetrina - 0 Gromdar - 0 Estred - 1 Owaj - 0 Rigley - 1 Rolley - 0 Scoil - 0 Skreeki - 0 Ugre - 0

Potions: Silver Potions (pit) - 5 Red Potions (pit) - 5

Brosario Ythoth mushroom (transcluent, thin) - given to clergy in Morva Trogdor scar on arm Taint counter: 1 Corruption: Purple forearms,

Ghetrina Patron debt: 2 Taint counter: 2 Kahl's Throne Save DC+4 Learning Mirror Image: 1 days studied Icosahedron hand Telepathically linked to HUTARRAK Ursine face Ythoth Captain's Sword

Estred: Taint counter: 0 Taint: 2 level 1 (glowing green); 5 level 2 (sees spirits; consults them)

Gromdor Sketch of runes above doors in Immortal Kahl "The journey begins where your foot meets the ground." (memorized at int 6) Bound to Shadeslayer Psionomold on left arm

Rigley Disapproval: 1 Kahl's Throne Save DC+4 Corruption: Pupilless grey eyes, tentacle stubs around waist

Rolley Banana lips (1d4 hours): 0 Mushroom energy DC 15 to spend: 1 Dehydration corruption (look up full effects)

Owaj Carries Mace, The Inquisitor

Fabru 1 este mushroom



Shadeslayer A matte-black short sword that radiates a faint darkness— even when placed under direct sunlight, it seems to lie in shadow. It is Shadeslayer, a +2 short sword with the follow- ing properties: ○ Int 3 (empathy) ○ AL: Chaotic ○ Banes: goblinoids (unerring throw to 60’ range) ○ Special Purpose: Punish interlopers and those who interfere ○ Special Purpose Power: Crippler (always roll crits as warrior of one level higher)

The Inquisitor +2 Mace Wants to punish evildoers, slay chaotic creatures Align: L, Int 6, Empathy. Undead: +1 atk and dam; attack under any circumstances/ego check Chaotic: +1 atk Detect evil within 20' Whirlwind attack (2 atks with 1d10, no crits)

Backgrounds: —Wrigley spent their youth camping and wishing they could be one with their furry forest friend — Gromdar grew up in his families family business — The Fogel Funeral Home — (this would naturally lead to his career in gravedigging) — Rolley grew up among the best ostrich farmers. a strict mycotarian

Green Marvent's Cloak +2 AC Once / week: Charm Person at 20 w/ caster level six (target up to six creatures, DC 20 Will to resist)

Inscription on inside:

"We are all friends amongst the shroud, Some just don't know it yet. Put me on, read me aloud. Speak my name, and we'll cast our net"

There is a name sewn into the left sleeve, difficult to find: Chatia-Skel



Pit Potions The potions: The stoppered vials are as follows. Note that the level 1 cleric spell second sight can be used to gain insight into the drinking of these potions. Silvery (x10): Aspiring humans drink this potion to experience oneness with Palimdybis. The taste is extremely foul. Drink- ing the complete potion forces the drinker into a vision-trance; repeated consumption, combined with the pool at area 2-11, transforms the imbiber into a gray-robed cultist, and subse- quent consumption is considered sacred. The cultists mix and consume great quantities of this potion. Red (x6): A drinker of the red potion gains improved control over the tentacles. It tastes rank but not horrid—sort of like spoiled but well-spiced meat. The drinker feels an affinity with the tentacles and can utilize the control tentacle spell (spell check 1d20) for 1d6 hours without corruption or spellburn.