Old Purple Planet Relic Tracker

Rations: 4 days per person

Relics: Relic Charges Carried By Charges per Shard (1d5) Notes Active Shield 1 Owaj 2d10 1 charge: +2 AC

2 charges: +4 AC 3 charges: +8 AC

Long ship (broken) 3 1d3 lost in mushroom jungle Long ship (red orb) 4 1d4 easier to teleport to another plane Skull cap 2 Skreeki 1d5 Field Kit (Egg) 0 Brosario 1d7 Can be charged w/ spells, luck to avoid minor corruption. Heals 1d12 hp or 1d5 stat, or poison Maglite 6 Ghet 1d5 Shuts down within 5' of wizards/elves Miniskiff 11 Gromdar 1d10 Can be charged w/ spells Mine Ugre 0 Within 30', DC 10 Ref or disintegrate. Metal armour +5 Plasma Staff 1.8 Brosario 1d5 One charge lasts 5 rounds (0.2 / round) Plasma Staff 4.2 Skreeki 1d5 One charge lasts 5 rounds (0.2 / round)

Works only 50% of the time

Plasma Staff 3 Ghetrina 1d5 Shuts down within 5' of wizards or elves

Beverage Heater 18 Ship 1d5 Maintains hot temperature for 3d6 minutes. Every time the relic is activated, there is a non-cumulative 15% chance that it ceases to function. Death Ray Gauntlet 2 Skreeki 1d5 Activated, the gaunt- let discharges a black ray with a range of 100’ and attacks on living creatures ignore any armor bonuses to AC, and targets hit are instantly disintegrated (DC 10 Fort save for 1d10 damage).

Non-living objects (including androids) are unaffected by the ray. Living targets wearing chain or plate mail receive a +5 bonus to the Fort save. (A death orm’s armor is treated as plate mail.)

Death Ray Gauntlet 5 Ugre 1d5 sacred Death Ray Gauntlet x+2 Rolley 1d5 shuts down near wizards/elves Death Ray Gauntlet x+1 Owaj 1d5 +1d5 damage, consumes two charges Death Ray Gauntlet 1 Beadle 1d5 Honoured kith relic Grenades 1 Beedle disintigration like a mine


  1. On longship
  2. Exploded
  3. Still possessed by Vatya Ibdid

Shards: Beadle - 0 Brosario - 0 Fabru - 0 Rolley - 0 Ghetrina - 0 Gromdar - 0 Estred - 1 Owaj - 0 Rigley - 1 Rolley - 0 Scoil - 0 Skreeki - 0 Ugre - 0

Potions: Silver Potions (pit) - 5 Red Potions (pit) - 5

Brosario Ythoth mushroom (transcluent, thin) - given to clergy in Morva Trogdor scar on arm Taint counter: 1 Corruption: Purple forearms,

Ghetrina Patron debt: 2 Taint counter: 2 Kahl's Throne Save DC+4 Learning Mirror Image: 1 days studied Icosahedron hand Telepathically linked to HUTARRAK Ursine face Ythoth Captain's Sword

Estred: Taint counter: 0 Taint: 2 level 1 (glowing green); 5 level 2 (sees spirits; consults them)

Gromdor Sketch of runes above doors in Immortal Kahl "The journey begins where your foot meets the ground." (memorized at int 6) Bound to Shadeslayer Psionomold on left arm

Rigley Disapproval: 1 Kahl's Throne Save DC+4 Corruption: Pupilless grey eyes, tentacle stubs around waist

Rolley Banana lips (1d4 hours): 0 Mushroom energy DC 15 to spend: 1 Dehydration corruption (look up full effects)

Owaj Carries Mace, The Inquisitor

Fabru 1 este mushroom