Old Purple Planet Sessions

Next: • Prepare: • Earth flashback • Green Marvent's robes - origin • PlagueMort remains • Owaj / Beadle wat happen • Theronys personality

September 22nd: • Notes: • Earth: Over last three months, four people who were connected to the microwave partied have died with no explanation • Militiaman guard who ate Ythoth mushroom reawakens after a bit, a changed person, wants more mushrooms • Arch-Lector uses riot to kill other potential enemies who are vying for power § Maybe militiamen use this opportunity to overthrow arch-lector • If militiamen somehow join party, they will try and take over the ship • Outcome: • Promised Tiefling Theronys passage to purple planet so he can find more mushrooms, in exchange he will help them crush the cult of the bloody stump • Fires erupted in PlagueMort. Arch-Lector ordered them to leave • Sailed for several days up the blood stream, found the Croaking Fane • Entered, drained the fountain of tadpoles, fought the frog gargoyles, wall-of-forced the giant frog statue • Irrek was devoured • Got platinum disks out of the donation frog • Scoil took frog ring

September 8th: • Prepare: • Plague-Mort / Demon greeter / Arch-Lektor - militia (tables for alu-fiends, cambions, tieflings), Illuminated/Green Marvent • Cult location / Cultist leader personalities / abilities • Owaj / Beadle wat happen • Outcome: • Descended to Plague-Mort • Met with Arch-Lector, agreed to deal with the Green Marvent. In return he will grant the party some militiamen to raid the Cult of the Bloody Stump • Learned the the Cult members disappeared several weeks ago • Kotros the demonic-snake thing implied that Fabru would make a good next Arch-Lector • They gave an Ythoth mushroom to militia guard, who then ate it and fell asleep, dreaming • Finding the Bell and Whistle, they charmed the bouncers who then let them in. They listened to the Green Marvent's speech, realising he is a wizard. Confronting him in the back, a spell duel ensued, and the Green Marvent and Rolley ended up mutually charming each other. Ghetrina triggered a phlogiston disturbance and ended up summoning an angry celestial (eldar/elf), whom Ugre killed • Green Marvent revealed that Arch-Lector is trying to slide Plague-Mort into the Abyss • With Green Marvent killed (by Skreeki), his charm over his followers wears off, and they scatter. • Brosario dons the Green Marvent's purple silk robes • Green Marvent's body evaporated • Arch-Lector agreed to give the party 10 militiamen to help out against the Cult of the Bloody Stump

August 4th: • Rigley focused: • Rigley and Rigley?-clone woke up in mausoleum • Elaborate test from Nephytus, to gain knowledge about Nuclear Bombs • Rigley freed in Amun-Thys • Rigley? Renamed Markata, and sent on mission: harvest all the uranium and bring it to Amun-Thys

March 17th: • Prepare: • Winged demons near Plague Mort • Cultist grove • How much energy is consumed when driving the boat? • Behaviour of the Rings in the Outlands • Outcome: • Continued sailing to spire • Found pack of bariaur, who told them of Venrak the Black • Travelled to Venrak's tower, a perfect cylinder of black obsidian § Venrak can teleport at will § Provided feasts and food served by tiny winged men § Was curious about the parties travels and stories § Very interested in the Purple Planet § Curious about the planet, greenstone gems, the ship, raiders § Made a deal: He takes Tio-Lizzix and in return provides directions to Plague-Mort § Also explained how to use the data crystal, and told them of information available in it § He also offered to do research into how to fuel the ship, in exchange for the corpse flower • Travelled to Plague-Mort § En route: Passed a ravine full of titantic grey tentacles. Rolley cast control tentacle (corruption: grey eyes), and it worked § Outside Plague-Mort the demon Kotros landed on the ship and ordered them to come see the Arch-Lector

Jan 27th: • Prepare: • Effect of Ghetrina's reading of the tentacle scroll • PlagueMort • Cultist's Hideout • Iato's Journey to PlagueMort? • Corruption: • Rolley: § Tentacle tummy § Character’s tongue forks and his nostrils narrow to slits. The character is able to smell with his tongue like a snake. • Outcome: • Outland Rings § Magic users can feel tingle § Magic items sometimes shimmer

Jan 13th: • Qua'ren charmed by Ghetrina, can save once a week • Gave out details of safe house • Rolley's "Phase Out" for invisibility: • He becomes a "ghost", floats, can't interact. Can't be heard, but can sort of hear others. The world is fuzzy • Tried to enter Morva through the front gate. Guards called "demons!" and tried to close the gate. • Rolley cast invisibility and the party awkwardly entered the town, fled into a house • Ghetrina summoned tentacle: • Long purple/green tentacle noodle appeared, followed by demonic voices echoing in the value, city panicked • Escaped into another house, warded themselves off in the top floor • Iato snuck into the city, contacted safe house, and escaped. Will regroup with others in midpoint town

Dec 30th: • Modron exterminal patrol kills mechawoiglinko before disappearing • Party uses blue data crystal from Mechawoiglinko to begin tracking down missing party members • They warp to Brosario, where they find him with Iato and Qua'ren • Iato runs off with the lump of flesh, while Qua'ren is captured • Brosario's aura of flame is a problem • Rolley: Character develops painful lesions on his chest and legs and open sores on his hands and feet that do not heal.

Dec 16th: • Brosario focused: • Keep of Morvesu, Kingdom of Oria, Outlands, run by Order of the Blinding Light • Brosario was to be purified (turned into a Light Assistant, a zombie) • Qua'ren (Gavin) and Iato (Kyle) infiltrated Order in attempt to retrieve chaos • Murdered guards and Naldra (Headmaster), and escaped with Brosario, flesh, and arm • Brosario bound lump of flesh to arm stump • Escaped to safe house in Morva • New corruptions for Brosario: § Giant pointy elephant ears § Aura of fire • Mechawoiglinko opened portal back to the ship, pursued by modron extermination patrol

Sept 23rd: • Beadle focused: • Two new chars: Uchie (Elven follower of Azi Dhaka) and Agleau (Cleric of Bogbugbubilz) • Hired by Rotham to find Beadle, because Beadle knows where to find greenstone gems • Beadle lost his bicorne hat, was stunned, lost in the Madhouse in Pandesmos • Chars met duergar and Maltin (of Athars) • Agreed to go with Maltin and Beadle to Bedlam, to sort things out there • Maltin hired a drow friend to ambush and deter chars • Agleau did a Lotus Stare, and now Drow is hypnotised for seven days • Duergar intervened, escorted chars to Maltin and then all went through the gate to Bedlam; Beadle's madness wore off. Beadle, NewChars, Maltin, and Duergar all exited the gate: To be continued

August 5th: • Gromdar focused: • Woke up near town of Unnakor on Shurrock in Bytopia • Learned about Shadeslayer § Forged for Azalrut of the Duchy of Sharikkor • Was bidden by Ranat to purge the spirit • Went with Ioliack (gnome) to the barrows and killed the spirits • Agreed to let sword be reforged (is now bound to Ranat's spirit) • Worked off his debt by picking fruit • Sword needs to fulfill purpose to be properly energized • Purpose: slay an interloper

Next: • Resolve results of explosion • Ideas: § Scattered to the cosmos, but Mecha-Woiglinko has idea where

□ Estred: If alive, in Elfland □ Rigley: ? □ Brosario: Fortress of law templars/healers □ Gromdar: Teleported to land where Shadeslayer comes from □ Ythoth raider: ? □ Owaj: Teleported to land where Happy Mace comes from □ Beadle: Lower plane, trapped, maybe in cave?

§ Buried but somehow alive still § Crushed to death • Effects of dust?

July 22nd 2018: • Outcome: • Ghetrina possessed; recited song • Met with Green Flow Man § Offered accomodation + sustencance • Found a cave that didn't have direct line of sight to the undersun • Consulted Amon Tor and learned: § Green Flow wants to expand into space § Can read minds § Is ancient § Hurt by purple rays, but they may have waned already • Rigley had to sacrifice holy symbol • Ritual cast magic missle at greenstone gem on roof of chamber; summoned trogdor • Trogdor burned party, put Estred at -3 • Explosion vapourized ceiling above cavern; summoned all the gribb • Party warped to western part of mountains to observe; saw gaping hole; dust spreading

• Corruptions: • Brosario gets PP minor #9 • Estred shrinks by 7 inches (short + fat)

June 7th: 2018: • Outcome: • Gromdar turned into Trillimite ○ Fought off hutarrak swam ○ Destroyed incabulus + spawn ○ Decided to retreat, but Amun Tor issued disappointment ○ Went forward, Green river let them in § Rigley's Glaive has a chalice on the bottom now ○ Made it to the Undersun

May 13th 2018: • Outcome: ○ Corruptions: § Brosario: Purple runes (PP minor 5) § Beadle: Spellfeedback, Hutarrak telepathy § Gromdar: spell feedback ○ Took 4 vials of gray/green mixing liquid ○ Waste room door locked for 70 hours, gray ooze bisected (psionic x2, reproduction) ○ Released Skem, the Ythoth Raider. Made deal to lead him to the surface in exchange for Ythoth mushrooms ○ Gromdar polymorphed into a Gribb (with sword) ○ Beadle's telepathy summoned thousands of Hutarraks

April 29th 2018: • Outcome: ○ Killed lost of descended masters ○ Rigley partially petrified (+2 AC, - ???), blinded by Amon Tor until next day ○ Ythoth Raider offered to show them where Ythoth mushrooms grow (and told them he knows how to activate captain sword) ○ Observed paintings

April 15th 2018: • Outcome: ○ Found ancient kith cairn, looted and then collapsed it ○ Cast all the magic missles ○ Found entrance to the Crystal Crèche § Fought Orm, master, and Descended Master. Refused to drink the green stuff § Beadle, Owaj, and Gromdar swallowed by orm. Gromdar nearly died, has scars

January 14th 2018: • Outcome: ○ Androids slain/disabled/slept ○ Ekukig told to lead a genocide against Reagan' Tor ○ Exploring underplanet to learn about underkith ○ Green flow: § Rigley divine aid'd Amun tor:

□ Is neither good nor evil □ it's ambitious but not powerful enough □ gave Rigley a path to the Cavern of the Under-Sun (2 week journey, no precise directions)

○ Set up camp in red crystal mushroom forest, being stalked by 32 underkith

January 7th 2018: • Prepare: ○ Relationship between orms, orm master, and Green Flow ○ Using the gem as a nuke ○ Getting sled from water ○ Use spaceship to dig into earth, exposing Green Flow to sunlight ○ Navigators want to learn about the Flow ○ Review wizard spells upon new level § Page 124: choose level, roll randomly or learn a spell that's been found • Outcome: ○ Visited Vatya Ibdid: Learned that the worms want greestones ○ Three fates gave intestines of Sorloth. Zhirh told that more info lies in Punjar on another planet ○ Went to Cotcyst, took gems + weapons. ○ Awoke one Ascended master (Nos Al'Retep) and ended in combat with

December 31st 2017: • Prepare: ○ Spaceship: § Blue-kith have set up home in the ruins of the city § No great food sources nearby, so send out scouting parties § Increasing tensions amongst them § Ym is gaining power, and Zhirh has to focus hard on keeping them together and holding her power § Kna (son of Etuqi'xo) is frail but warns against Ym § Zhirh has learned that a demon stole a portion of Etuqi'xo's mind, thus rendering him insane • Outcome: ○ Promised Em-Kiln to help him get a longship of his own if he helps them get the greenstone gem ○ Took Em-Kiln and 200 kith warriors to Reagan 'Tor ○ Stole the gem using ropework, killed 50 kith + Em-Kiln ○ Turned 150 kith into House Spacefuckers ○ Harvested food for bluekith ○ Fed gem to spaceship ○ Discussed what to do next: Take the other greenstone gems? Destroy the Green Flow? ○ Told that TioLizzix was possessed

December 16th 2017: • Outcome ○ Given relics + kith by Haon of Reagan'Tor ○ Found kith warband, captured champion ○ Sailed in to Castellum Cotcyst, made show of trying to be ascended masters ○ Convinced Em-Kiln to come on board, teleported him to southern hemisphere ○ He told them of the gems that Reagan Tor and Vatja Ibdid have ○ Teleported over the dead lake, saw skiff in the water ○ Offered to take Em-Kiln into space ○ Em-Kiln offered to try to help take Reagan'Tor's gem

December 3rd 2017: • Sailing to Citadel of Smoke • Outcome: ○ Conquered Citadel of Smoke ○ Hoan said they need the gemstone to live ○ Told htem to take Cotcyst's. Promised kith and aid ○ Said Cotcyst are psychotic, in western wastes, surrounded by palisade of mushroom wood ○ Ylill wants to be free, but Hoan holds her there. Hoan says she'll die if she leaves, like the others before them ○ Standing on the platform, debating what to do now

November 12th 2017: • Outcome: ○ Visited pyramid of the ancients ○ Consulted Amun Tor, learned that the pedestal powers a portal but needs immense power § and is connected to the platform above ○ threw the corpse off the throne ○ Learned that the boat can be sailed/driven ○ Visited Reagan Tor grave site, challenged 1-1 on combat ○ Kith corpse used as corpse flower corpse ○ Claimed to want to offer tribute to house Reagan Tor ○ Now being shown the way to the Citadel of Smoke by kith

October 22nd 2017: • Prepare: • Outcome: ○ Modrons slaughtered ○ Mecha Woiglinko joins party, wants to explore, doesn't understand "we" ○ Tio-Lizzix mentioned that he wants to go back to Mechanus, thoughts are clear § Also mentioned that he can sneak them into Ythothian base ○ Underparty identified exploded Cotcyst warband ○ Parties rejoined; About to rest

September 5th 2017: • Outcome: ○ In Mechanus ○ Wanted for numerous violations (entry w/ no permit, parking w/ no permit; flight; yelling; attacking) ○ Ended at: party on ship; four modrons just bowled off the ship; 11 remain. they drew weapons ○ rogue modron has hitched a ride ○ Battle on purple planet: Large green explosion wiped out most participants

• Prepare: ○ Mechanus! ○ Teaser about Battle! from last session?

July 17th: 2017 • Prepare: ○ Spellburn for clerics? : No, because I like that being the special realm of wizards. Clerics can gain bonuses through favour with their gods • Outcome: ○ Set cyberzombie room on fire ○ Beadle got zapped by electric arc; revived by Rigley ○ Discovered elevator to outside; Hal panicked, blindfolded and calmed down, told he is nearing ascendency ○ Brosario saw Trogdor swimming in the stars; Rigley ESP'd Brosario, and dug down to unconscious thoughts: BURNINATE ○ Set off to the southeast, encountering Battle!

May 23rd 2017: • Outcome ○ Spellburn for clerics? ○ Burned red crystal mushroom; scream; Hal (underkith) panicked ○ Hal tried to lead them to big mushroom forest, but encountered orm master ○ Orm master hurt them but ended up fleeing ○ Found Bunker, opened door to cyberzombie barracks

May 6th 2017: • Prepare longship contents ○ Captain body: § 3 greenstone shards in harness (unfound) ○ Captain's Room § one halfling corpse with flower § chest (dwarves can smell gold)

□ ythoth mushrooms ® 2 regular ® 1 special: Bas-Shazad (bone-white, 1d3+luck_mod hit dice; shadow clone) □ note describing a bas-butose mushroom: "soot black. dry it; then place in the mouth of a corpse. the body will come alive for a short time" ("black ressurection") □ note describing siguroth mushroom: "violet with green worms. do not touch it. consume only the worms, bring immortality" ("purple worm immortality") □ 5 greenstone shards □ 2 potions (gaseous form (steamy, chlorine) for 1d4 turns; invisibility (clear, briny) 1d4+1 hours) □ 1 scroll (force manipulation, cast by reader at +2), signed "Hiebarthraxius" □ Coins minted by ® 165sp (https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b2/Denarius_Mark_Anthony-32BC-legIII.jpg) □ 9 gems (3 yellow topaz 10gp, 4 purple amethyst, 2 black opals)

○ Navigator's Room § chest

□ 2 greenstone shards □ Seals (magical circle with arrows: 1 for minor, 3 for major; demon true name inside) ® 2 minor seals (1d24 + 2 + luck) - type II demons ◊ blessing; mechanical spined bear; claw; 7HD (33hp); AC 17; Atk +10 (1d8+4); Act 2d20 ◊ sleep; snake (hairless, beautiful, highly intelligent); 6 HD (30hp); Sting, bite ® 1 major seal (1d24 + 4 + luck) - type III ◊ monster summoning; cow-lizard-crab; tusks, chameleon-like, telekenetic; tail attack; breath weapon; 12 HD (69 hp); AC 15; Atk +10; Save DC 20 ® they know: "sleep", "break seal speak the name"

○ Cargo Hold § two salted kith corpses ○ Hold § four kith prisoners (Reagan'Tor)

□ know the location of the Citadel of Smoke □ one killed, one befriended

○ Corpseflower storage § 3 corpses with flowers: one kith, one human, one dwarven • Outcome ○ Recovered ship, got loot ○ Recovered TioLizzix ○ Interrogated Kith, learned that the citadel can be spied from a ways away by the trail of smoke ○ Bird swarm came, feasted upon corpses/sleeping kith ○ Ghetrina rolled a one when trying to warp though ○ Wanted to warp to north east quadrant to search for Citadel of Ash

March 27th 2017: • Escaping Underplateau: ○ 14 days, subtracted by DC13 and difference on die ○ Time cut in half if Beadle is healed or abandoned or otherwise assisted ○ Four checks per day: morning, afternoon, evening, night, encounter on 6 on d6. d12 while travelling, d6 stationary • Raiders in mushroom jungle: ○ Assaulting Cotcyst Kith warband in order to steal greenstone shards ○ If successful, will then forage for Ythoth mushrooms • Outcome ○ Found raiders attacking kith ○ Attacked raiders, Invoked Three Fates very high, cast Blades of Atropos very high ○ Avoided phase sword, threw raiders overboard ○ Navigator read a seal and paralyzed Scoil ○ Skreeki vaporized a few ○ Navigator warped the ship into party's longship, breaking it in half ○ Rolley cast sleep (max) as navigator flipped the ship ○ Everyone fell 60' to the ground, except Rolley ○ Rolley used ropes to descend to the ground ○ Four characters reduced to zero hit points; Ugre survived ○ Used field kit egg to heal but corrupted lots


Amidst a mushroom jungle, an upside ythoth longship floats upside down, ropes dangling down from the railings. Below it, the back half of another longship lies suspended in the air, the front half of it fractured and lying broken on the ground. On the ground lay bodies of kith and ythoth raiders. Many slain in battle, many raiders who fell from the overturned ship, and many who lay under the effects of magical sleep. A halfling lay on the ground, bleeding. A wizard stands over it, strange mushrooms growing from his neck, holding a purple-glowing egg over the halflings body. Nearby, an armoured dwarf lays on the ground, legs clearly broken. The other bodies of Owaj, Ghetrina (with an icosahedron hand), Skreeki (a kith) lay nearby.

March 21st 2017: • Clone will take party to nearest branch of the Flow ○ Encounters on the way there: § Underkith, who can't be seen by the clone (TODO: generate underkith party) • Party gets lost ○ Other potential encounters: § Forests of glass § Orm-Masters (riding, devoured) § Abandoned underkith camp § Lone underkith infected by psionomold § Pleth § Shardmole § Emerald Enchanter? • Outcome ○ Didn't drink the Flow ○ Ran away ○ House Orngfuhz created ○ Gromdar infected by psionomold, lost three teeth, went down to zero hit points and then went berserk ○ Beadle had kneecap shattered ○ Lost in the underplateau ○ Raider boat sound in mushroom forest

March 6th 2017: (First Synopsis goes to here) • Give luck for killing Sotark (+1 for Ghetrina, +2 for everyone else) • Outcome: ○ Escaped past death ray exit ○ Three Fates reconnected with Ghetrina ○ Death Orm swallowed Rigley, who then banished it, causing it to vomit him right back up ○ Entered the Howling Stones, encountering a clone of Rigley's old body, glowing green with green eyes, who invited them to come speak to his master

Feb 6th: 2017: Outcome: ○ Entered Tomb of Sotark the Destroyer ○ Smashed one death ray, left the other alone ○ Ate Este mushrooms and killed Sotark the Destroyer

Jan 30th 2017: • Rolley: gained dehydration corruption • Ghetrina: fucked up the field kit; took two corruptions: Minor: dull orange mould covering skin; Enervation! -1 stamina for 2 weeks • Skrarg, Cotcyst kith champion with plasma torch

• Outcome: ○ Found and pursued a cotcyst warband, attacking a Gribb nest ○ Warband thought the PCs were ascended masters ○ PCs convinced them to go hunt for Reagan'Tor ○ Found Tomb of Sotark

Jan 23rd 2017: • Kith camp attacks!

• Outcome ○ Kith camp wiped out ○ weapons, rations, greenstone shards recovered ○ Woiglinko maimed

Jan 16th 2017: • NaviKith to the Rock City ○ Zhirh amused by longship, but impressed that it teleports rather than moves ○ Ym will use the movement to try to despose of Kna, angering Zhirh who will want revenge/justice § Ym may try and flee, Zhirh will ask PCs to go after them in their flying boat • Kith Ghost ○ Will reveal Sotark's Tomb: Southeast jungle, near the edge away from the Ancestor Peaks. Where the rocks speak, follow the ancient riverbed upstream into the jungle. Walk into the morning sun when the rocks speak your name.

• Outcome ○ NaviKith brought to the Rock ○ PCs found Howling Stones and tunnels underneath ○ Killed six kith, currently assaulting 4 more; 20 others will rush them

Jan 9th 2017: • Party on the hill rendered unconscious - party on the boat rescues? • Shadeslayer binds black tentacles into Gromdar's arm and begins trying to take control ○ Motivation: Find and slay goblinoids (that means get off the planet - likely attempt to fly the boat) • NaviKith tribe ○ Preparing to move to the ship ○ Want greenstone gems and new DNA; willing to trade access to the ship for it

• Outcome ○ Gromdar bound to sword ○ Chunks of orb rocks collected ○ Met NaviKith § Promised to transport Zhirh and NaviKith to Rock City § Zhirh promised aid/space passage in return for whole greenstone gem

Nov 28th 2016:

• Rigley's Return: ○ what happened in the meanwhile § disappearance into pyramid § unknown time elapsed (but Rigley looks visibly older, paler, int check to determine how much time? 1-3 years) § new trainings: riddles, ancient languages, secret societies, spellcasting using language, mysteries ○ new spells: § 1st level (5): Detect Magic, Second Sight, Food of the Gods, Choose Two (Suggest: § 2nd level (3): Banish, Curse, Choose One (Lotus Stare) • Ghet's Hallucination: sees someone speaking location of Sotark's tomb ○ Sotark's Tomb: Southeast jungle, near the edge away from the Ancestor Peaks. At the screaming heads, follow the ancient riverbed upstream into the jungle. Walk into the morning sun when the rocks speak your name. ○ Source: Kith ghost which has taken a liking to Ghet • Brosario's Arm: +1 str, scar turning a bit of a sickly green

• Tomb of Sotark the Destroyer

• Outcome: ○ Storm at night, lightning at top of valley ○ Found orb of chaos: § Outer ring (purple) emits goo that is noxious § Next ring (brown-purple) glows § Penultimate ring (brown) - humming noise § Last ring (black) - pure chaos in concentrated form ○ Gromdar touched Shadeslayer to the black core