One Page Dungeon Compendium 2012

The First Causality – Jason Shaffer – Winner: Best 1st level dungeon A mostly linear cave system with a couple of good) attempts at terrain: passage running under another, passage the bottom of a pit, a stream passage. Nice new monsters but the reliance on ‘mundane’ beasties (stirge, g spiders, dire rats) ruins things for me.

Deep in the Purple Worm – Luka Rejec – Winner: Best Integration of Art and Story Another Art School project. This REALLY needs to be a poster print on my living room wall. Kick ass location, nice rooms, but hard to get all the detail. Seriously worth expanding.

The Tomb of Oddli Stone-Squarer – Roger Carbol – Winner: Best Multiple Factions More interesting than it first appears, which the players will notice eventually as well. Nice history, multiple entrances, looks like a dungeon restock with a hidden area. Ready to drop in to your game.