Primordial Chaos

Primordial Chaos is the progenitor of the gods of chaos. They have no organized religion of any kind, not even secretive cults. Their worshippers are lone individuals who are often afflicted with some kind of madness.


Clerics of Primordial Chaos are different from other clerics. Their connection to their god is tenuous at best, more of a strange psychic connection to an alien entity. Power is not so much granted, so much as channeled.

Unholy: Creatures of Law

Lay On Hands: Lawful creatures must make a will save (DC 5+HD healed) or take a minor corruption

At the start of each session, Clerics of Primordial Chaos must perform the following:

  1. Roll for chaos effects
  2. Roll for their spells

When a Cleric of Primordial Chaos casts a wizard spell, and suffers a critical fumble (1), the spell is not lost, but does trigger a misfire and/or corruption. It also still invokes disapproval.

Rolling for Spells

For each spell available, roll:

Level 1: d14:

Chaos Effects

  1. Reroll luck score
  2. Reroll max HP (increase current HP by difference, or reduce to max HP)
  3. Take on persona of chaos god - roll a chaos god randomly, use those spell lists, turn unholy, and disapproval tables. Do not roll spells randomly
  4. Reroll occupation
  5. Swap gender
  6. Reroll birth augur (but keep original starting luck score)
  7. Reroll starting luck
  8. Reroll another ability
  9. Until next chaosening, gain d3 deed die
  10. Until next chaosening, can spellburn physical stats like a wizard
  11. WTF as per (3) but it's a Lawful god. The cleric also detects as a Lawful person


  1. Mumble nonsense for next 10 mins straight
  2. Roll 1d3: Temporarily lose 1d2 : 1) str; 2) agi; 3) sta - reduced to 0 the cleric merges with chaos and vanishes forever
  3. Roll on Chaos Effects table
  4. Roll on minor corruption
  5. Randomly reroll one ability score, but use 1d20 instead of 3d6
  6. Gain a mutation from Umerican Survival Guide (p167)
  7. Replace the spell or ability used with a new random one of same level. If the ability was Turn Unholy or Lay on Hands, replace it with a random level 1 spell.
  8. Roll on Chaos Effects table (+2d)
  9. Roll 1d3: Temporarily lose 1d4 : 1) str; 2) agi; 3) sta - reduced to 0 the cleric merges with chaos and vanishes forever
  10. Become patron bonded (as per other) to d10: Azi Dahaka, Bobugbubilz, Cadixtat, Dzzhali, Hekhanhoda, King of Elfland, Klavgorok, Magog, Nhool, Obitu-que
  11. Roll on major corruption
  12. Reroll all ability scores, but with 2d10 instead of 3d6
  13. Gain 1d4 mutations from Umerican Survival Guide (p167)
  14. Roll on greater corruption
  15. Gain a second birth augur, using original lucky roll modifier. Whenever birth augur is rerolled, rereoll both. Rereoll duplicates.
  16. Complete body swap: Cleric is replaced with another body. Reroll all ability scores, hp, birth augur, occupation.
  17. Evil twin: Cleric spiritually splits in two, taking 50% damage and loosing 3 luck permanently. Witnesses see the cleric suddenly split into two, a twin emerging from the cleric, who is then teleported in a random direction d100km away. The evil twin will stop at nothing to kill the original cleric.