on Amoria, Elysium

Lush, verdant woodlands, peaceful Claimed by no deity Phoenix up in the mountains

ringed by rolling hills that lead to steep, jagged mountains two small lakes occasional standing stones river Aonia lots of sheep

Thistledove - Druid, knows the phoenix and the moon dogs

Pax Benefice

on shore of Lake Aonia buildings of white-washed stone

run by Palibar, dwarven priest; lives in villa on shore with domestic servants

some ciphers here

Lake Aonia

home to asrai (water nymphs)

Conclave Fidelis

in the Oreb Hills

a monastery NE of Pax Benefice, run by Abbot Cebulon (Cleric L6 human); 12 monks; offer aid

Lake Serene

moon dogs mists

Rollicking Crescent

Halfway between the gate and Pax Benefice

run by Astrid (human Bard 3, Cipher)

Standing stones lead to Sigil, near forest. Gate key is a special type of coin

Realm's End

mentioned in Deva Spark

Nest of the Phoenix

High mountain peak, looking over all of Principality

Distance from nest: Pax Benefice -> Rollicking Crescent -> Conclave Fidelis -> Nest