Rod of Law

Aka Rod of Seven Parts

Ruat coelum fiat justitia ecce lex rex "Though chaos reign, let justice be done. Law is king!"

Maxima - command word for resonant powers Sirca

Though chaos be here, let justice happen seu eb fui qui, as gloec consti


If all its component pieces are rejoined, the Rod of Seven Parts is 5 feet long. The butt is rounded and about 2 inches across. The opposite end is about a! thick as a man's little finger.

Being an artifact of Law, the Rod's segments do not look broken. Each "break" is a set of very intricate geome tric facets with both protrusions and depres- sions. Any two pieces can be fitted together with patient twisting and pressing, like a three-dimen- sional puzzle. The individual segments are 4, 5, 6, 8, 10,12, and 15 inches long.

Miska's blood has converted the Rod's metal into a lusterless black substance of indeterminate weight; a character holding a segment in his hand feels some- thing substantial, but the segment feels neither light nor heavy. The fully assembled Rod weighs about seven pounds, but feels as light as a feather.

Some of the Rod's segments have been incorporated into larger items and are not readily identifiable. See the Powers of Individual Segments section for details.

First piece

The 4-inch tip can cure light wounds five times a day. A long-forgotten wizard fitted the tip with an ebony handle to make it easier to use. The resulting device appears to be a normal wand about 14 inches long. A true seeing or legend lore spell reveals it to be com- posed of two parts.

The tip's cure light wounds power operates nor- mally, as does the Rod's curse (see the Side Effects section). The wand resists all forms of detection; a detect magic spell reveals nothing about the wand, and other magical divinations are also ineffective, as explained in the previous section.

The ebony handle does not have any special resis- tance to attacks, and saves as thick wood. If the han- dle is destroyed in an attack, the tip is unaffected.

Anyone who discovers the wand's true nature can pry the tip out of the handle. If the tip is separated from the handle, it radiates faint magic as every seg- ment of the Rod does.

The tip's name and the command word for the cure light wounds power is Ruat