Session Reports

Roll 1dx:

  1. A bard pays you for your tale. Gain 5d30gp
  2. The gods smile upon your tale. Gain +1 luck
  3. As you share your story, others share theirs in turn. Gain a secret + 1xp
  4. As you retell your tale, you reflect upon what you've been through. Gain 3xp
  5. Sharing your story energizes you. Gain +1 HP permanently
  6. Your story instills you with more confidence: a. Warriors/dwarves: Gain 1d10 temporary HP (may go higher than max) b. Thieves: Gain +3 temporary luck (does not increase max, but may go above max) c. Elves/Wizards: Gain 3 free points of spellburn d. Clerics: Disapproval resets to 1. If already at 1, the next 3 times disapproval would increase are ignored
  7. An old man shares his dreams of striking it big but never having the courage - gain a treasure map
  8. A kindly old lady listens intently on your story, and lavishes you with encouragement. +2 on all skill checks during next adventure
  9. You tell your story to a group of children, and their sense of wonder inspires you. Choose a spell, a skill, or a weapon. Gain +1d when using it during the next adventure.
  10. The stars listen intently. Increase your birth augur luck by +1 (if at 18, reroll)

You relate this story to everyone you possible can, in as much detail as you can. Reroll twice Your story spreads far and wide, travelling the world and taking on a life of its own. Choose any of the above

  1. Gain a sobriquet: if would gain it a second time, reroll:

"Many are my names in many countries. Mithrandir among the Elves, Tharkûn to the Dwarves, Olórin I was in my youth in the West that is forgotten, in the South Incánus, in the North Gandalf"

THE SKILLED Class based: a. Spell casters: +1 spell check on a single spell b. Fightertypes: +1 attack with a single weapon (not weapon type) - weapon becoming legendary

THE DANGEROUS a. Fightertypes: +1 damage with a single weapon (not weapon type)

THE WILD Thieves: +1 permanently on one thief skill

+1 on a save +1 on initiative +1d on crit die +1 for finding secret doors +1 to lay on hands or turn unholy

A roll on Loptir's Firewater Talking about a problem helps relieve the problem. Remove a curse. If uncursed, roll again (or become blessed?) You share the story with another wizard, who gives you a flash of insight - Can choose to reroll one mercurial roll, must keep new result Make a new friend who teaches you - gain a skill (ie. another occupation) Inspire someone who shares their language with you - learn a new language (roll on the appendix L) Reroll your birth augur, keeping the new result (with your current luck modifier) An invitation to join a secret society / cult / group hear of a new wizard spell to be learned learn of a new patron, gaining +1d when bonding to it

Character Tracker

Niklas: d12 Lisa: d6 Jonas: d5 Michael: d2