2021-05-18 - Tentative Tuesdays - Stonehell

2021-05-04 - Tentative Tuesdays - Stonehell

2021-03-02 - Tentative Tuesday - Hyqueous Vaults • Present ○ Niklas § Arden § Perkins ○ John § War-Fire § Elkin ○ Jonas § Gino


○ Michael § Blair


• Outcome

2021-02-20 - Stonehell • Present ○ Kyle: Sadita ○ Michael: Ælanis ○ Guillaume: Asta ○ SK: Johnny ○ John: Warfire • Outcome ○ Found Batuhz, who they hired to guide them to the underground garden ○ Bathuhz told them of the dwarves running the market now ○ Asked them to get rid of the trogs in the surface - they killed one and turned the others. ○ Asta took the knife of Yila-Keranuz ○ Ælanis left a candle at the statue ○ Found their way to the top of the garden, but Bathuz didn't want to continue ○ Johnny charmed him, learning more about the area, and that he belongs to the Ghost Beggars, who live above the canyon in stonehell

2021-02-16 - Modnar's Cellar • Present ○ Niklas: Perkins ○ Jonas: Gino ○ Rafa: Belladonna ○ Michael: Blair ○ Lisa: Axe Slashur ○ John :Warfire • Outcome ○ Killed green slime (Gino's acid made it bigger, it reacted badly to chalk, was banished by Perkins, but it dissolved Belladonna's swords ○ Explored long hallway in NW, killed Coin Worm (Axe took some coin worm bones with him) ○ Exploded the weird rocket, and burned some of the shelves in the buttery ○ Went back to the teleport-ring room, found the kobolds and Blair got his chicken back ○ Went through the teleporter into the secret chambers, killed the kobold shaman, left the others there ○ Perkins raised the Kobold shaman from the dead and it said that it was searching for the voice that was calling it to this area ○ Killed the skeleton apprentices, and took the slate with Steel to Silver back to Gino's place

2021-02-09 - Modnar's Cellar • Present ○ Niklas § Perkins § Arden ○ Michael § Blair § Friedman ○ Jonas § Gino § Callie • Outcome ○ Found the teleportation ring, identified that it was related to Teleportation magic, and that it was incomplete ○ Found secret moon portal, Blair put his chicken on it and it vanished; the party did not follow ○ Found kobolds, killed them, found bedroom with weird illusion, found spell of locate object ○ Found mushrooms ○ Killed albino ape ○ Sat down for a meal with the two bugbears, until Arden failed to pick pocket one of them. A fight ensued, Blair went down, bug bears dumped a burning brazier over, setting the straw on fire, and then they fled

2021-02-02 - Shadowbook Manor • Present ○ Niklas: Perkins ○ Jonas: Gino ○ Lisa: Noelani ○ Michael: Blair ○ John: Warefire • Outcome ○ Perkins told by Malotoch to close the gate ○ Climbed to the upper balcony, was seen by the Skeleton King who told his minions to swarm out ○ Huge fight erupted, Gino used Azi Dahaka's sandstorm very effectively ○ The skeletons were slain and turned, and the King's fancy armour was taken § His armour was made of the gold dragon Zudruneith § Zudruneith is now a dracolich! ○ His blade was Elfslayer from DCC Annual ○ Perkins was given Crow's Claw as a reward ○ Noelani used Klavgorok to learn the origin of the treasure

2021-01-26 - Modnar's Cellar • Present ○ Niklas: Perkins ○ John: War-Fire ○ Jonas: Gino ○ Mathilde: Anna ○ Noelia: Wagonator ○ Ralph: Woody Woodpeter • Outcome ○ Explored some of the rooms - killed giant rats ○ Scared away the robber ○ Looted the mouldy library ○ Killed the zombies in the prison room ○ Jammed open the sparring pen "A" ○ Wagonator got the +1 leather armour

2021-01-12- Shadowbrook Manor • Present ○ Niklas § Arden § Perkins ○ John § War-Fire § Elkin ○ Jonas § Gino § Callie ○ Rafa § Upupa § Belladonna • Outcome: ○ Fought a horde of skeletons in the yard ○ Elkin use invoke patron which did Tide of Ash, hurting the oak tree (14 damage), it began radiating evil ○ Elkin blasted it with magic missiles, but the King of Elfland was pissed ○ WarFire and Gino had strength drained by a Pearl-skeleton with Ray of Enfeeblement

2020-12-29 - Hyqueous Vaults • Present: ○ Niklas § Arden § Perkins ○ John § Falcor § WarFire ○ Ghonche § Credit Rick § Medilona ○ Oliver § Four new levels 0s • Outcome: ○ Drove off the heiracosphinx again - it will not return ○ Attracted attention of gnolls, who set an ambush ○ Killed all the undead in the Undead Trap; found the ring of fireballs, tested it out ○ Went through the back ways into the cylindrical tunnel and up ○ Found the potion-creation room, Medolina asked Ulesh about it, and told it turns people into magic essence: air for breathing air, water for breathing water, and that it is necromantic magic, and that it's powered by the machine, which is currently blocked, and should stay blocked ○ Found the coins and potion inside the east/right clay warrior ○ Retreated, using the fireball ring to nuke the gnolls ○ Aleiinii took the potion of heroism

2020-11-05 - Purple Planet Continued

2020-03-03 - Purple Planet

2020-08-31 - Hyqueous Vaults

2020-08-11 - Shadowhouse

2020-08-06 - Purple Planet 5 - 45 min session

2020-08-04 - Purple Planet 4

2020-07-24 - Purple Planet 3

2020-06-23 - Purple Planet 2

2020-06-20 - Shadowbrook -> Purple Planet

2020-06-06 - Shadowbrook Manor

2020-05-31 - Temple of Ash and Smoke, Plane of Air

2020-05-28 - Hyqueous Vaults

2020-05-20 - Star Wound of Abbadon

2020-05-14 - Hyqueous Vault

2020-05-10 - Northern Mountains

2020-05-09 - Stonehell

2020-05-03 - Croaking Fane

2020-05-01 - Northern Mountains

2020-04-27 - Rat King's River of Death (run by Niklas)

2020-04-26 - Stonehell

2020-04-21 - Shadowbrook Manor

2020-04-20 - Badlands / Hyqueous Vaults

2020-04-16 - Badlands / Hyqueous Vaults

2020-04-13 - Stonehell

2020-04-12 - Stonehell

2020-04-11 - Badlands/Hyqeous Vaults

2020-04-04 - Stonehell

Given by undead babies, children. Those who died young. The cursed ages one year for each week passed. Can be removed by offering up a body for possession, or burying the curser.

A life I had Short but not sweet You may think unfair Your life I shall not spare

2020-04-01 - People of the Pit (continued)

2020-03-27 - Stonehell

2020-03-24 - Shadowbrook Manor

2020-03-17 - Stonehell

2020-02-18 - People of the Pit part 3 (direct continuation)

2020-02-11 - People of the Pit part 2

2020-01-24 - People of the Pit







Yet now I depart Here must you remain Until another takes part

® (Lifted by killing someone in the Unquiet Halls) ® -1 penalty on all skill checks while not in Unquiet Halls, but on level 1 or 2 ® -2 while elsewhere in stonehell ® -4 while away from Stonehell □ Curse of Goblin Sight While the sun is in the sky, You’ll wish the eagle’s eye. But what you’ll see is goblin night ‘Til caveland biers restore your sight. The curse carries a -2 Luck penalty and makes the victim’s eyes and body extremely sensitive to sunlight (much like a goblin). The victim suffers a -2 penalty to all rolls in day- light (attack rolls, damage rolls, skill checks, saving throws, etc.) and a -1 penalty in lesser lights up to torchlight. Only in torchlight or dimmer environments does the victim feel comfortable. Note that the victim cannot see in the dark.

§ Explored the Unquiet Halls § Found Malfreces Nul and an altar to the Duke of Bones. Lea's characters sacrificed him to the duke of bones. § The Red Acolytes have disappeared, two of them murdered