Shadowbrook Manor

Shadowbrook Manor

Created föstudagur 04 september 2020


Elsbeth the Stupid killed a farmer and dragged his corpse to 15 Great Hall where she is sacrificing his body. She was hired by the King to investigate the drought. She has identified the spot of the drought, and is now using the farmer to conduct a divination as to its source.

*Half the books in the library have been stolen* by a hoarding halfling, who lives on a farm. He will try to steal as many as he can, and then start selling them in Hazkorin.

*Kaged charmed and led away two more woodcutters* outside her tree. Their axes remain on the ground, the oak vaguely resembles their screaming faces.

Prep Notes


One day while at the market, Ilumino overheard an old sage talking to a scribe: "I've come across some property deed, but it's very strange. It's not even here in Hazkorin. But that's not the strangest: It belongs to Tazimack!" The scribe quickly retorted: "Sssh! Not here"

Following them as they wandered through some of the back alleys, you listened a bit more deeply: Tazimack was rumoured to be a wizard of considerable power. The deed describes the property as: South of the "copper road", west of "Rust creek", and east of the ridge from the top of which you can still see the big lake, extending all the way to the shore of the lake. The scribe wonders what kind of treasures could be gotten from this estate...


Pictures to roll20 Add journal to library? How does spell Magic Jar work? (Brayden the Black) The Void: The Void (King of Clubs): Your soul is removed and imprisoned in an object of the GM's choice, which will be guarded by at least one powerful being. You're incapacitated until you get your soul back, and while Wish can't return your soul it can reveal where it's being kept. Lose any further draws. What is nightshade, witch-hazel, foxglove, asphodel, hemlock, wormwood, monkshood (wolfsbane) "The Spy" ? - ebon statue with living eyes Room 18 - random mundane item

Monster roster:

Malachy Menin (petrified halfling) Ghoul (groundskeeper) Vampire Bats (stirges) Wolves Boar Mierra - skeletal seneschal Goblins Werewolf Dryad Giant Frog Zombie - butler/maid Homunculus Broom of Animated Attack (sweeping) Rowena's Ghost Banshee Fire Elemental Shadows Yellow Mold Albino Ape Erinyes Giant Rattlesnake

Special Items

Ring of Weakness Cloak of Alignment Changing - reversible - each side masks the wearer's alignment and they detect as Law/Chaos Potions of ESP, diminution, extra-healing, love, and poison Wand of Flame Extinguishing Potion of Super Heroism Scrolls: speak with animals, silence 15', cure light wounds, detect magic, read magic, light, stone to flesh Tazimack's Quarterstaff +1 Crystal Ball Mirror of Opposition Wand of Lightning Ring of Invisibility Eleanor